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Learn the basics, refresh your home gardening skills or learn something new with programs in this area.  Look for unique workshops, multiple-session classes, and inspiring lectures. 

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Class Schedule August-December 2014
Plant it Now! Organic Fall Vegetable Gardening
| August 2 OR August 7                                                             

Learn how to plan a garden for our long fall growing season--the organic way! Instructor: Heather Veneziano

NEW Grasses, Sedges, and Rushes
| August 11, 18                                                                        

Gain a better understanding of grass, sedge and rush terminology, classification, nomenclature, and identification. Instructor: Dr. Douglas A. DeBerry

NEW Plants for Richmond Gardens Workshop Series

Sign up for individual classes or register for the entire series highlighting good plants for Richmond gardens.  Register for all four at a discounted rate! 


Vines and Groundcovers for Richmond Gardens
| September 11

Learn how to use vines and groundcovers to add height, structure, and layers of interest to your garden.  Instructor: Beth Burrell

NEW Plants for Late Summer / Early Fall
| September 18

Instructor Candy Lindenzweig discusses reliable, interesting late summer / early fall plants for Richmond-area gardens, using the Garden's collections to demonstrate appropriate siting, size, and planting concerns. 

NEW Plants for Late Fall / Early Winter
| November 6

Lindenzweig covers late fall / early winter plants that are best-suited to the area including plants that can be grown as cut greens for the holidays and other occasions. 

NEW Plants for Shade and Dry Shade
| November 13

Learn which plants work well in Central Virginia and how to adapt to shade and dry shade conditions.  Instructor: Beth Burrell


NEW Garden Design Workshop Series

Sign up for individual classes or register for the entire series covering garden planning basics and creating various types of gardens.  Register for all four at a discounted rate!

NEW The Beginner's Guide to Garden Planning
| September 13                           

This workshop gives you the tools and skills needed to evaluate and analyze a site, prioritize goals, put together an action plan, and then follow these steps on your own property.  Instructor: Candy Lindenzweig

The Beginner's Perennial Garden
| October 2                       

This workshop introduces you to hardy perennials, simple starter plans, and the basics of soil preparation.  Instructor: Beth Burrell

NEW Creating Edible Gardens
| October 9               

Learn how to incorporate edible shrubs and small trees into a home garden setting, providing beauty and nutritious food in one location. Instructor: Beth Burrell

NEW Making a Four-Season Garden
| October 16                                                          

Learn how to build a plant palette to keep your garden interesting all year round. Instructor: Beth Burrell

Backyard Beekeeping for Beginners
| September 13                                                                                          

Enjoy a beginner-friendly, hands-on natural approach to beekeeping.  Instructor: Kristi Orcutt 

Building Good Garden Soil
| September 20                                                                                                           

Learn the characteristics of basic soil types, and how to analyze your own soils, including amendment techniques, drainage, and more. Instructor: Karin Stretchko

Fall Pruning for Shrubs and Small Ornamental Trees
| October 18                                                                                                                  

Pick up tips on how to prune shrubs and small ornamental trees in the fall. Instructor: Joel Koci

Basic Botany for Gardeners
| October 18, 25, November 1                                                                   

Learn about the ‘secret life of plants’ with instructor Sheila Hayden.

Making Beauty Sustainable: The Charles F. Gillette Forum
| October 24, 25                                                                                        

The 2014 Gilette Forum considers how the principles of ecological design create a network of sustainable, ecological, and regenerative landscapes through practice, science, and theory. 

NEW Orchids for Beginners
| November 15                                                                                             

This workshop introduces the popular genera of orchids and highlights those best suited for home or greenhouse growing. Instructors: Tom Purviance and John Salventi

NEW Living and Non-Living Diseases of Woody Ornamentals
| November 8, 22                                                                      

Learn which diseases affect woody plants, including funguses (biotic) agents and non-living (abiotic) agents that create soil and root disorders.  Instructor: Joel Koci


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