Adult Education

Meditation and Movement


Learn the calming rhythms of breathing, movement, and meditation in a tranquil garden setting. 

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Class Schedule April-August 2014
Relax and Restore Your Neck and Shoulders
| August 16                                                                        

Don't just manage your tension and pain; learn how to get rid of it with simple exercises, self-massage, and imagery techniques.  Instructor: Rie Franklin

Yoga in the Garden
| Six-week sessions: August 19 OR September 30 OR November 11                                                                                                             

Learn yoga's calming rhythms of breathing, movement, and posture. Instructor: Jacqueline Gooding

T'ai Chi Five Elements Form
| September 25 OR October 11 OR October 16                                    

This simple form is easy to learn and practice on your own. Instructor:  Rie Franklin


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