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Nature Photography


photo credit: Lynda Richardson

Join nationally recognized nature photographers in these classes using your single-lens reflex (SLR) digital camera. 

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Class Schedule April - August 2015
NEW Exploring Composition in the Garden | April 25 

Go beyond the ‘rule of thirds’ when composing your photographs!  Learn about the Golden Ratio, Rule of Odds, leading lines, framing, how depth-of-field aids composition, texture, pattern, viewpoint, depth, symmetry, balance and more. Designed for Intermediate-Advanced students.  Instructor: Lynda Richardson.

NEW Workshop with Allen Rokach: The Art of Digital Photography
| May 2, 3                          

Learn to use the amazing state-of-the-art apps (including Smart Phones & IPADS) to create images of flowers.  Instructor: Allen Rokach

NEW Macro Photography and Focus Stacking
| May 30                                                                

Join master photographers Bill and Linda Lane of Nature's Image Photography Workshops for a half-day session. Subjects will cover focus stacking, equipment, fill flash and the use of natural light.

NEW  The Power of Color |  June 6

Discover how your choice of colors to include in a photograph affects your images both visually and psychologically.  Instructor:  Lynda Richardson


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