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Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden offers Garden Education Certificates in three areas of concentration: Home Landscape, Floral Design, and Botanical Illustration.  These are directed to the dedicated amateur and are designed to guide participants through a course of study in a logical sequence of learning. To earn a Garden Education Certificate in one of these three disciplines, students must complete from 63 to 162 contact hours of instruction at the Garden, depending on the area chosen. There are some basic required courses for each area of study, and remaining hours are completed from a selection of elective courses that vary from season to season.

This program does not offer college credit; it is designed for personal enrichment.
For more information, click on each of the areas of concentration below.  For questions about the Garden Education Certificate program email the Education Assistant or call 804-262-9887 ext. 320 (M-F, 9 am – 5 pm).

Please click on each area of concentration below in order to learn more about the specific requirements and available courses. 


Garden Education Certificate

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