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Did you see Sunday’s Times-Dispatch? Not only did they feature Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden for how well we are using social media — but they also featured the butterflies (plus a slideshow)!  I’m so happy to be in such good company! And so honored to have made it to the front page.

Kudos to Bill Lohmann, the reporter, who lead with how nuns in Richmond use social media.  Once again, we are in very good company!

Of all the places you might expect to find Sister Vicki, a member of the Benedictine Sisters of Virginia, one of the last might be here on YouTube, the often-irreverent, post-your-own-video free-for-all that’s representative of today’s social media landscape.

What’s a nice nun doing in a place like this?

“The biggest part of my job . . . is visibility,” said Sister Vicki, whose job is to work with women who believe they are called to religious life. “My job is to make sure the ones who should find us do.”

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