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by Amy Clark, Assistant Education Registrar & Membership Assistant, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden 

 Lauren Clark, with her owner Mr. Knightley, when he was a puppy.

Lauren Clark, with her owner Mr. Knightley, when he was a puppy.

Author, Amy Clark, with Mr. Knightley at Fidos After 5

Author, Amy Clark, with Mr. Knightley at Fidos After 5

The Dog Days of summer are upon us now and they’re something Mr. Knightley knows all too well. These are the hot, humid days and he prefers to walk on the shady side of the street, chase ice cubes that fall from the freezer, lounge in baby pools, and sleep right next to the air conditioning vents. Mr. Knightley is my sister’s dog and it’s not easy being a big, furry best friend during the Dog Days.

In the summer, Sirius, the “dog star” (not Harry Potter’s godfather) is the brightest in the constellation Canis Major. The Romans associated hot weather with Sirius because the very bright star rises and sets with the sun. The actual days vary, depending on your source, but on our current calendars, they begin in early July and extend through early September.

For three years now, Mr. Knightley has looked forward to celebrating the Dog Days by visiting Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden during Fidos After 5.  During Fidos After 5, leashed pets are allowed in the Garden to enjoy strolling through beautiful botanical displays while their people enjoy Flowers After 5. Mr. Knightley and his fellow canines can cool off in the Woodland Walk, watch fish in the pond above the Tea House, meet up with some friends, and even pose for photographs.

The next Fidos After 5 is this Thursday –July 14th.  If you can’t make it on Thursday, you’ve got one more chance on August 11th.  Hope to see you there! And if your furry friend is a fan of holiday lights, make sure you join us this winter for GardenFest for Fidos — Thursday, Dec. 1 & Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012!

Regular Garden admission; free admission for Garden Members! Learn more about the benefits of Membership. Suggested $2 pet admission supports the Richmond SPCA.

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2 Responses to “Celebrating the Dog Days of Summer”

  1. Karen says:

    “…with her owner, Mr. Knightley…” That’s terrific :o) That is certainly how it is in my house. I am co-owned by a 15 year old domestic black cat, a 12 year old Boxer, and a 4 year old Boston Terrier.

  2. Beth Monroe says:

    Does Mr. Knightly enjoy German music? Great blog!

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