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Potato Promenade

Photos & text by Albert Brian Vick,  Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Community Kitchen Garden Coordinator  

Laurel & Yevonne, the Red Pontiac potatoes you planted March 17 in the 2012 Lewis Ginter Community Kitchen Garden are blossoming. That means we’ll check them soon and prepare to harvest the “new” potatoes for Feedmore.

Potato Flower 1White potatoes have white flowers, and red potatoes have, well, lavender flowers.
Potato Flower 2Looks like a moonlight pirouette, but it was cloudy daylight, and the saturation was tweaked to bring out the details.
Potato Flower 3These blossoms may look they’re getting buffeted by wind, but there was only a mild breeze.
Potato Flower 4The weather looks rough, but it was a great day for gardening.
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2 Responses to “Potato Promenade”

  1. Jene and Claude Shipman says:

    Beautiful pictures…promise of bounty to come.

  2. Yevonne Childers says:

    I plan to be back helping in the garden on Saturday! Looks like things are growing quite nicely. Love the pictures.

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