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Text & photo by Kelley Deegan, Horticulture Intern, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Lalieocattleya Fire Island 'Fiery' HCC/AOS

Lalieocattleya Fire Island ‘Fiery’ HCC/AOS

This blazingly orange orchid, currently blooming in the Conservatory, shines bright with a pop of scarlet to chase away those winter blues. Lalieocattleya Fire Island ‘Fiery’ HCC/AOS is a hybrid species derived from two closely related genera: Laelia and Cattleya. Orchids of these genera are found from Central to South America in every color of the rainbow, but blue and black. These cheerful, showy flowers live up to their smoldering name.
This is just a preview of one of the many blooms you’ll see at Orchids Galore! starting February 14. Come enjoy a natural love affair with color & light, exploring the diversity of the orchid family and their rich, fragrant blooms.


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