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Melissa Miller
My favorite experience at the Garden thus far was witnessing the beautiful snowfall in March of 2009. I remember the snow fell mostly on a Sunday night and I was so excited to see a few feet outside my window at home the following morning (being a Californian for much of my childhood, snow is still a bit exceptional in my mind). The Garden was closed that day but we made it back in on Tuesday. I truly felt like a little kid making the first tracks in fresh snow! The clear, bright blue sky, fresh, clean snow and small clearings of plant life provided not only a perfect picture but a memorable day. I didn’t think anything had ever looked more stunning! I am so glad to work at such an inspirational place. I’ve worked at the Garden for over two years as a full-time staff member and was an intern here while a student at University of Richmond. As the Stewardship Coordinator, I work to ensure our donors, of every level, feel appreciated for their generosity while cultivating good will and strong relationships with those who love the Garden as we do. When I’m not at the Garden, I enjoy reading (mostly lighthearted novels), baking (chocolate is always good), and dancing (all kinds, but Scottish Highland is my love).

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