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Dec 11th, 2013

Are You Crafty? Join us for Crafty Wednesdays!

by Katelyn Coyle, Children’s Garden Educator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Last year’s  Dominion GardenFest of Lights incorporated a new tradition for Wednesday nights, Crafty Wednesdays! As an educator in the Children’s Garden, I was definitely excited to bring a few of the Children’s Garden’s favorite crafts to GardenFest visitors and families. We kicked off  last […]

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Dec 9th, 2013

A Natural Love Affair in the Library

by Janet Woody, librarian, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden I love our Dominion GardenFest of Lights theme this year, “A Natural Love Affair”, because it can be interpreted so many ways. We’ve been able to create beautiful scenes all over the garden, including the library. Our book this year is Mossy by Jan Brett.  Our GardenKeeper […]

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Dec 4th, 2013

Dominion School for Autism Students Create Wildlife Tree for Birds & Creatures

by Nicki, Youth Programs Developer, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden   Every year in the Children’s Garden we decorate a chosen tree, the Wildlife Tree,  created with ornaments to feed the squirrels, birds, and other Garden critters during the wintertime. The tree we selected is an 8’ cut evergreen, similar to the Christmas tree you may have […]

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Nov 18th, 2013

Living Lightly on the Land

by Lynn Kirk, Public Relations Writer,  Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, reprinted with permission from the Richmond Times-Dispatch Plants might be dormant this time of year, but gardeners don’t have to be. Now is the time to plan spring gardens and landscapes. It’s also an opportunity to pause for a reality check: How are you affecting the environment? […]

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Nov 12th, 2013

What's Farm to Schools Week All About?

by Heather Veneziano, Children’s Garden Horticulturist, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden All over the Commonwealth, schools are celebrating Farm to School Week (November 11th -15th). The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) designated this week to encourage schools from kindergarten through college to use Virginia Grown foods in their cafeterias.  Local Food Hub, a […]

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Nov 5th, 2013

Meet Tom, the Turtle

By Jasmine Kent, PR & Marketing Intern, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Watch Tom, the turtle, help his brother find his way back home.

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Oct 31st, 2013

Ginkgos, Kew & Descubes

by Janet Woody, Librarian, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden We recently welcomed a distinguished guest to the garden: Sir Peter Crane, author of a new book called Ginkgo, the Tree that Time Forgot, Yale University Press, 2013.  He was here to visit, among other things, our ginkgo tree which we believe is over one hundred years old […]

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Oct 25th, 2013

Ginter in the Morning: the Garden at Work (& Play)

by Jonah Holland, PR & Marketing Coordinator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Have I  mentioned before that I love working at the Garden?  My assignment: find out what “Ginter in the Morning: the Garden at Work“  is all about. Sounds like fun. I scheduled a time to meet with Children’s Garden Horticulturist, Heather Veneziano, to find out. Heather will […]

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Oct 24th, 2013

Goblins & Gourds is Sunday, Don’t Miss it!

by Jonah Holland, PR & Marketing Coordinator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden We have so much fun planned for you this Sunday at Goblins & Gourds. Celebrate harvest-time in the Children’s Garden with a concert by the Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra, pumpkin painting, seasonal food tasting, hoop dancing and more! It’s a great chance to get outside, […]

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Oct 23rd, 2013

Gardening: Up-close Photos Bring Nature into Focus — High-tech Photography Reveals Hidden Wonders of Seeds

by Lynn Kirk, Public Relations Writer,  Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, reprinted with permission from the Richmond Times-Dispatch “It’s right in front of you, but you never see it,” said professional photographer Robert Llewellyn of Earlysville. He discovered that the natural world is fascinating — and sometimes surreal — if you pause long enough to really see it. […]

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Oct 22nd, 2013

Richmond Tech Center Students Visit Lewis Ginter Botanial Garden

by Nicki, Children’s Garden Educator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Students from Richmond Technical Center’s Horticulture Department came to the Garden for a Grow Works program. The students visited for an extensive tour of our facilities, specifically our greenhouses. Chris Jones, the new Horticulture department teacher, has been working on renovating the Tech Center’s greenhouse, which will […]

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Oct 20th, 2013

You May Have a Budding Horticulturist in the House

by David Pippin, Course Instructor, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden The question often arises, “How and why did you become involved in horticulture?” As I stop to ponder my response, I realize my interest started when I was very young, probably 4- or 5-years-old. How could I remember such things? It was because they made great […]

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Oct 17th, 2013

Join us for October Oddities in the Children's Garden

By Jasmine Kent, PR and Marketing Intern, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden With all the rain and cold weather we’ve experienced this fall, I’m glad I soaked up the last bit of summer at the Garden’s first October Oddities event of the year. I took a break from my regularly scheduled Saturday morning programming of cereal and television reruns […]

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Oct 12th, 2013

Fall Gardening Tips: Raking, Mulching & Planting While Going Easy on Your Body

by Jonah Holland, PR & Marketing Coordinator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden We have a wealth of knowledge at the Garden!  And boy do we like to share it. Our mission, after all is education.  One way that we share our knowledge is by teaching  staff and Garden volunteers  about interesting Garden-related topics in a series called “15 […]

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Oct 11th, 2013

Meet Exhibit Coordinator Alex Arzt

by Jasmine Kent, PR and Marketing Intern, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Just this August, Alex Arzt arrived in Richmond, enrolled into Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, and brought her talent to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden as the exhibit coordinator Ginter Gallery II. Alex has established herself in the realm of art with a […]

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Oct 3rd, 2013

Hearts Are 'a Bustin'

by Jonah Holland, PR & Marketing Coordinator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Garden visitor and Facebook fan Dinah Foreman found this beautiful plant by a creek in western Henrico County. Isn’t it awesome? She messaged us because she was looking for some help identifying it.  Any guesses?  Would you believe that the common name for this is […]

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Oct 2nd, 2013

Bye-Bye Butterfly

Butterflies LIVE! closes in less than 2 weeks. Don’t miss your chance to see hundreds of butterflies fluttering through the North Wing of the Conservatory.  If you’ve seen and loved Butterflies LIVE! come back one last time to say good-bye.  

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Sep 29th, 2013

Behind the Scenes at Butterflies LIVE! — The Emergence Room

by Annie Raup, Assistant Butterfly Curator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden A question that the Butterflies LIVE! staff gets asked a lot is, “Where do the butterflies come from?” That’s a great question, since most of the butterflies in the exhibit are tropical.  Here’s  the answer….         But you better visit us soon […]

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Sep 27th, 2013

Lotus Pods, 2 Ways

by Jonah Holland, PR & Marketing Coordinator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden This past weekend, when I was in New York City, I got to taste a plant I’ve often enjoyed looking at,  but never eaten — the lotus. Each May, Lake Sydnor is filled with the white-pink blooms of the famed lotus, Nelumbo nucifera ‘Mrs. Perry […]

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Sep 25th, 2013

What do Butterflies Eat?

by Kendra Norrell, Assistant Butterfly Curator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden During the Butterflies LIVE!  exhibit, there have been many guests that point out the butterflies on the floor. While this can be worrisome  at first to those who see it and are concerned about butterflies getting stepped on, it is important to note that the butterflies […]

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Sep 23rd, 2013

Sunny or Cloudy… Either Way, Butterflies Delight!

by Jane Cramer, Assistant Butterfly Curator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Visiting Butterflies LIVE! is a  delightful experience whether you visit on a sunny or cloudy day. Each kind of day has its advantages: SUNNY                                             […]

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Sep 21st, 2013

Cattails: Friend or Foe?

by Lynn Kirk, Public Relations Writer,  Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, reprinted with permission from the Richmond Times-Dispatch,  Loved by some, despised by others, such is the fate of cattails. A common sight in our region, cattails stand at attention like soldiers in tight formation guarding perimeters of ponds, rivers and marshes. Whether they’re friend or foe depends […]

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Sep 18th, 2013

Cultivars & Nativars, Oh My!

by Grace Chapman, Director of Horticulture, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden  Did you know….. That the word “cultivar” is an abbreviation of “cultivated variety”?  It means that from the straight species , either (1) natural cross pollination, (2) natural mutation, (3) humans cross pollinating, or (4) humans genetically modifying plants, resulted in a plant looking different in […]

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Sep 15th, 2013

For Gardeners, Timing is Key & Fall is a Great Time to Plant

by Lynn Kirk, Public Relations Writer, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden The horticulture industry’s “right plant, right place” slogan is a sound guideline, but what about “right time?” Every spring, a nation of gardeners rushes outside en mass with tools prepped, nursery stock purchased and spirits high. Their annual post-frost rituals begin — tilling, planting and transplanting […]

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