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Feb 21st, 2014

We are Active RVA. Are you?

by Jonah Holland, PR & Marketing Coordinator,  Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden  Did you know that Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is Active RVA certified?  We are! Last week, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, along with  25 Richmond region schools and 42 corporations were honored with an Active RVA Fitness Award and certification.  I was thrilled to represent the […]

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Feb 12th, 2014

Love Is A Rose! Celebrating the Art & Birthday of Mrs. Louise Cochrane

by Helen Wallace MacDonald, Board Liaison & Major Gifts Assistant, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden  Turning 98 years old is a noteworthy accomplishment, never mind painting 40+ pieces of beautiful artwork in one year. So goes the life of Mrs. Louise Cochrane. An incredibly practiced artist, our graceful friend once again outdid herself not only with a […]

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Feb 6th, 2014

Give Her a Whole Garden of Flowers!

by Jonah Holland, PR & Marketing Coordinator,  Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden  Thinking about what to get your true love for Valentine’s Day? Instead of a bouquet of flowers, why not get her a whole garden of flowers! A gift-box membership will give your sweetie a whole year of blooms, activities and special exhibits like Butterflies […]

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Dec 27th, 2013

An Evening "Entwined" with Nature

by Beth Monroe, Public Relations & Marketing Director, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden As we reflect on the many highlights of 2013, the Splendor Under Glass gala is certainly one of them. Held on November 23, the event kicked off the annual holiday Dominion GardenFest of Lights. More than 400 guests attended and were “Entwined” with […]

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Dec 26th, 2013

Sale in the Garden Shop at Lewis Ginter

by Jonah Holland, PR & Marketing Coordinator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Starting today, select holiday items (including these shown) are 20% off in the Garden Shop. Hurry in now for best selection, quantities are limited. Sale ends Jan 13th, 2014. The Garden Shop is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. and on […]

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Nov 29th, 2013

A Change of Course — Reflections from Caitlin Puffenberger

Former PR & Marketing Intern, Caitlin Puffenberger, recently won a Public Relations Society of America scholarship for an essay she wrote on her work interning here at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden and how it has s influenced her career choice.  The Richmond Public Relations Foundation’s  Supporting PR Stars  program annually awards two $1,000 scholarships — […]

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Nov 27th, 2013

Here's How You Can Be a Part of a More Beautiful RVA

Editors Note: Beautiful RVA  is a a regional coalition of public and private agencies and organizations invested in improving the quality of life in greater Richmond through public horticulture, urban greening and beautiful place-making initiatives. Meetings are held every other month and are open to anyone who would like to attend.  This is a recap of […]

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Nov 9th, 2013

Message from the Executive Director: Taking Time

We witnessed two unexpected events at the Garden this past August, yet both were typical of the predictable ebb and surprising flow of our lives within nature. Mid-month, near the Robins Visitors Center, our Emmenopterys henryi flowered, flashing rare and delicate blooms on a lovely tree that originated in China. Two weeks later, after another […]

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Oct 26th, 2013

Meet Denise Gammon, Visitor Center Associate

by Jonah Holland, PR & Marketing Coordinator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden If you are a regular at the Garden, you know we have an outstanding admissions staff to welcome you to the Garden when you arrive.  Recently, we welcomed a new face to our front line staff — Visitors Center Associate Denise Gammon.  Director of Guest […]

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Oct 18th, 2013

My Adventures with the Yelp Small Business Advisory Council

by Jonah Holland, PR & Marketing Coordinator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden This summer I was selected to serve on Yelp’s Small Business Advisory Council (YSBAC), representing Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. YSBAC is made up of a very diverse group of business owners from the United States, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Australia.  The YSBAC members […]

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Oct 11th, 2013

Meet Exhibit Coordinator Alex Arzt

by Jasmine Kent, PR and Marketing Intern, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Just this August, Alex Arzt arrived in Richmond, enrolled into Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, and brought her talent to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden as the exhibit coordinator Ginter Gallery II. Alex has established herself in the realm of art with a […]

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Jul 30th, 2013

Take 5 with Elizabeth Sonifrank, Community Kitchen Garden Research Intern

by Jonah Holland, PR & Marketing Coordinator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Acting as the Garden’s reporter, as I was recently referred to, is a really fun job. It gives me a reason to ask questions, be curious, and find out what’s going on in all different parts of the Garden.  When we the Garden hires someone […]

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Jun 27th, 2013

A Garden Adventure

by Jonah Holland, PR & Marketing Coordinator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden   With all the rain we’ve been having, it’s no surprise that we’ve had a few creatures trying to find shelter inside. Last week, a toad made its way to the Robins Visitor Center….where he blended perfectly with the carpet! Luckily we had  a mother […]

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Jun 18th, 2013

5 Lessons I Learned at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

by Caitlin Puffenberger, PR & Marketing Intern, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden I’m a Public Relations & Marketing Intern at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden this summer. I’ve been here for three weeks so far, and I’ve had an amazing time and learned so many things. There is so much to see and do!  Here are just a […]

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Jun 2nd, 2013

Plant Lessons from the Desert

Photos & text by Beth Monroe, Public Relations and Marketing Director, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Last week I learned the three characteristics of a desert: 1) extreme temperatures; 2) less than 12 inches of precipitation annually; and 3) low humidity. My teacher was a volunteer in the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ, and I […]

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May 24th, 2013

Pitcher Perfect

Text & photos by Brian Vick, Community Kitchen Garden Coordinator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden This is for Claire and Peggy, bog plant experts at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. The pitcher plant (Sarracenia purpurea) flowers have been harvested for drying. A shot from the rear, equally beautiful as the frontal view. The puffy center shields the anthers. […]

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Apr 18th, 2013

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden — One of America’s Most Beautiful Botanical Gardens

by Jonah Holland, PR & Marketing Coordinator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden was just named one of America’s Most Beautiful Botanical Gardens by the Travel Channel. We are honored to be listed with such great gardens as Missouri Botanical Garden, The United States Botanical Garden, New York Botanical Garden,  The Chicago Botanical Garden and […]

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Apr 3rd, 2013

Sneak Peak: Cigarette Cards in the Library

by Janet Woody, Librarian, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden We will have something new on display in the Lora Robins Library beginning with Heritage Weekend. We received a generous donation of Allen & Ginter cigarette cards from Ben and Maureen Field. I am pleased to report that our talented and capable museum studies intern, Erica Borey, has […]

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Mar 18th, 2013

Message from the Executive Director: A Natural Love Affair

by Shane Tippett, Executive Director, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Can you remember being 10  and hurtling up your favorite climbing tree? Can you still feel the rough bark under your hands and the way the sturdy anchor of the tree’s trunk gave way to smaller and smaller branches until it all swayed giddily under your weight? How […]

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Mar 5th, 2013

Reflections on Allison Kiesler

by Jonah Holland, PR & Marketing Coordinator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden The first time I really got to know Allison Kiesler, I was a parent on a field trip with my child here at Lewis Ginter in the Children’s Garden. Yes, I work here, but until I followed my 5-year-old’s kindergarten class around on a field trip, I […]

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Feb 20th, 2013

Social Media in Public Gardens APGA Member Highlight: Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

by Jonah Holland, PR & Marketing Coordinator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Recently, the American Public Gardens Association produced a series of  interviews with botanical gardens across the country.  Since you, our blog readers, are some of our biggest fans and supporters, I thought that you might enjoy reading a bit about the Garden’s social media.  Personally, I’ve enjoyed […]

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Feb 19th, 2013

From the Director: Frank Robinson Celebrates 20 Years at the Garden

by Shane Tippett, Executive Director, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden On February 1, 2012, Frank Robinson celebrated his 20th anniversary as Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden’s leader. Such milestones in an extraordinarily successful career usually invite a series of “before and after” comparisons, but a couple years ago Frank himself edited a pictorial history of the Garden on […]

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Feb 12th, 2013

A Love of Stories

By Beth Monroe, Public Relations and Marketing Director, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden I was in the local library the other day and saw the book All There Is: Love Stories from StoryCorps by Dave Isay. I picked it up because I’ve become a fan of StoryCorps ever since they visited Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden almost […]

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Dec 11th, 2012

Books Make the Best Gifts

By Janet Woody, Librarian, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Two new Virginia-related books offer great choices for bike-lovers and plant-lovers on your gift lists.  Both are available in our Garden Shop. On Richmond’s Wheel: A Timeline History of Cycling in Richmond, Virginia by Thomas Houff is a history of bicycling in Richmond and much more.  It will […]

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