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Children's Garden Group Information Guide - For Pre-booked Educational Groups


Group Visit Policies and Information

Garden Guidelines

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is an outside, living museum. The Garden is for walking tours and explorations only. There are no playground areas available for active sports or running. 

  • Walking feet and quiet speaking voices are expected in all areas of the Garden. 
  • Respect the plants and animals by staying on the pathways.
  • Leave all plants and animals where you find them.
  • Students must stay with chaperones at all times.

Prior to Your Visit

  • Assign students to chaperones.
  • Review Garden Guidelines with students and chaperones.
  • Remind all students and chaperones to dress for an active, outside walk. Classes are held outside, regardless of weather conditions.
  • The Children’s Garden is universally accessible. Please let us know in advance if you have students with special needs.

On the Day of Your Visit

  • If you are running late on the day of your program or are unable to attend your program, please call the Children’s Garden and leave a message at 804-262-9887 ext. 239. If you do not call, the no-show fee is $90 per program.
  • Please arrive ten minutes before your scheduled class time to allow for check-in and walking to the Children’s Garden. Late arrivals will result in a shortened program or possible cancellation.
  • Distribute the teacher and chaperone admission stickers mailed to the school with your reservation letter. Additional adults are $12, payable in the Robins Visitors Center.

Teacher and Chaperone Expectations

  • Teachers and chaperones are responsible for assisting the Children’s Garden educator.
  • Limit cell phone use to emergencies ONLY.
  • Additional adults and siblings will be asked to enjoy the Garden on their own.
  • During your self-guided garden exploration time you will be asked to visit areas outside of the Children’s Garden. Students must stay with you at all times. Please use quiet voices and walking feet throughout your visit.
  • Kid Quest is available to help teachers and chaperones engage students during their self-guided garden exploration.


  • Indoor facilities for eating are not available.
  • Bring all snacks and lunches with you when you leave the bus.
  • Eat lunch or snack in designated Picnic Area in the Children’s Garden only.
  • Snack and drink machines are available in the Children's Garden.
  • Please ask students to clean up after themselves. Trash and compost bins are located adjacent to the picnic area.

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