Children's Garden & Education

Middle and High School Programs


What’s in a Name?

Every year, new plant species are discovered. How do botanists know the name of a plant they encounter and whether it is a new discovery?  Using taxonomic keys, students enjoy tasty practice identifying jelly bean flavors then take their new skills into the Garden to identify plants commonly used for food, medicine and other purposes. 


Measuring Up

Using tools commonly employed in the field of forestry, students will apply math, geometry, and algebra skills to solve real-world problems in the Garden.  Working cooperatively, students will figure out how to measure the height and diameter of a tree, determine its age, and determine how many trees are cut to construct an average home.  Students will discover that trees contribute more than just shade and paper to our everyday lives.


It's All About Relationships

North American and East Asian plants are remarkably similar but the traditions, mythologies and healing practices vary considerably. Students compare and contrast Eastern and Western cultural and botanical histories as expressed in the designs of the Asian Valley Garden and the Four Seasons Garden. Students then collaborate to design a new garden space to reflect their own varied perspectives.  


Grow Works

Your students can participate in a community service project at the Garden! Through their experiences, students enjoy time for team-building, contribute to the Garden mission, and learn about potential careers in horticulture and garden design.


Additional topics are available upon request.

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