Children's Garden & Education

Field Trips for Middle and High School Students


Embark on a learning adventure in the Garden with our group education programs designed for students grades 6 - 12. These inquiry-based programs bring

plant science to life and reinforce SOL concepts and vocabulary. Class size is limited

to 25 students. Programs are available at 9:00, 10:15 and 11:30am Monday-Friday.

These programs can be reserved by contacting the Registrar's office at 804-262-9887 x322.


What’s in a Name?

Every year, new plant species are discovered. How do botanists know the name of a plant they encounter and whether it is a new discovery?  Using a taxonomic key, students learn sorting and classification skills as they identify jelly bean flavors. Then they hone their new skills in the Garden as they use keys to identify trees commonly used for food, medicine and other purposes.  Science SOL: L.S. 4

Measuring Up

Using tools commonly employed in the field of forestry, students will apply math, geometry, and algebra skills to solve real-world problems in the Garden.  Working collaboratively, students will measure the measure the height and volume of a hardwood tree, calculate its age, and determine how many products can be made from the lumber. Students will discover that trees contribute more than just shade and paper to our everyday lives. Science SOL: 6.9 Earth Resources

It's All About Relationships

North American and East Asian climates are remarkably similar and so are our plants. But our traditions, mythologies and healing practices vary considerably. Students compare and contrast Eastern and Western cultural and botanical histories as expressed in the designs of the Asian Valley Garden and the

european-inspired Central Garden. Students then collaborate to design a new garden space to reflect their own varied backgrounds and perspectives.