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Young Buds for Pre-school Groups


Explore the wonders of Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden throughout every season! All programs include story time, hands-on activities, and garden exploration.

These delightful, hour-long programs for daycare, preschool, or home school groups are offered mornings, Monday through Friday.  We can accommodate up to 20 children per program. Cost is $8 per child; the minimum group charge is $80. One adult per five children is admitted free.  Additional adults are $11. Programs must be booked at least two weeks in advance. Please call 804-262-9887 x 322 to register.

Program Times

School year (Sept 3, 2013 - June 13, 2014): Monday-Friday 10 or 11am

Summer (June 16 - Labor Day): Monday-Friday 9, 10, or 11am

2014 Young Buds Preschool Programs

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Sprouts in Spring | March - April 2014

As buds emerge from bare branches and colorful flowers burst from the beds, students discover the sights and smells of the early spring garden. Participants will transform a plain twig into a colorful spring flower bud branch to take home.

Bees and Blooms | May - June 2014

Using a "bee's eye view," children buzz from flower to flower to explore pollination and discover the important role bees play in the development of fruits and seeds. Participants learn the "bee dance," search for pollen, and use beeswax and petals to make a fragrant sun catcher for the classroom.

Forest Friends | July - August 2014

Join us on a shady woodland walk along the edges of the Children's Garden to search for forest animals. We will use our senses to explore the forest, collect natural materials, and create a miniature forest habitat to take home.

Garden Art | July - August 2014

Discover the vibrant colors, interesting shapes, bold patterns, and varied textures of the summer garden! Children build fine motor skills and engage their imaginations as we use natural materials to create beautiful works of art.

Fungus Among Us | September - October 2014

Children observe the funky mushrooms and lichens growing around the Garden and discover how these and other underappreciated decomposers keep a garden healthy. Students will stamp a unique mushroom picture to display at home.

Tree Traffic | November - December 2014

Animal tracks, empty nut shells, and lost bird feathers are among the clues to winter tree travelers. After making binoculars, children search the Garden for signs of animals living among the trees.

Children's Garden Group Information Guide

Our Children's Garden Group Information Guide is REQUIRED reading for any group that wants to book a trip to the garden. It can be accessed here.