Gardens & Conservatory

The Children’s Garden Map

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  • Main Entrance & Wavy Walkway

  • Farm Garden

    Plant,cultivate or harvest garden vegetables.
  • International Villages

    Experience playhouses and plantscapes of other cultures.
  • Central Market Plaza

  • Arbor Entrance

    Encourage the kids to wander and play, safe within a fenced in area.
  • Parent Rest Area

    With the children in sight, relax and visit other families.
  • Water Play

    Cool off in whimsical fountains and shooting jets of water.
  • Everchanging Gardens

  • Activity Area &Sand Play

    Enjoy a craft or building activity. Search for nature’s treasures hidden beneath the sand.
  • Weird and Contrasting Plants

    Get up close and personal with plants that are unusual,unique or just plain weird.
  • Tree Trail

  • Adventure Pathway

    Discover a Tree Trail,secret hideaways and an above-ground tunnel.
  • Bird & Butterfly Meadow

  • Hidden Tunnel

  • Leafy Overlook

    Climb to the treetops to spot a bird or watch the clouds.
  • CWDKids Tree House

    Explore a high-in-the-sky Tree House with dramatic views and accessibility for all.