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Gardeners: Black is back!

Garden Library resources for information about plants with black flowers and foliage.

Author               Cesinski, Therese.

Title                   Black's beauty : Dark foliage and flowers add drama to your garden.

Magazine         Organic Gardening. vol 52, issue 1 (December2004 -January2005), p. [30]-35.

Author               Childs, Jim.

Title                   Black flowers.

Magazine          Garden Gate. issue 55 (February 2004), p. 14-17.


Author               Ferare, Jacques.

Title                   Black & beautiful.

Magazine           Garden Compass. (July/August 2002). p.18-19


Author               Fischer, Thomas.

Title                   Basic black.

Magazine         Horticulture. vol 98, issue 6 (July/August 2001), p. 40-43.


Author               Mellichamp, Lawrence.

Title                    Plants for a black garden.

Magazine          Hortideas. vol 14, issue 8 (August 1997), p. 91.


Author               Pollan, Michael.

Title                     Basic black.

Magazine           Garden Design. (April 1998), p. 78-83.


Author                 Lacey, Stephen

Title                     Chasing shadows: plants with black and brown flowers

Magazine           Hortus, vol. 1, issue 3 (Autumn 1987), p. 41-45.


Author               Sefton, James E.

Title                     The black regals.

Magazine           Geraniums Around the World. v. 51, issue 1 (Spring 2003), p. 3-10.


Author               Strong, Graham.

Title                     T he Black & white garden.

Magazine           Practical Gardening. (February 1993), p. 36-41.


Author               Etheridge, Tom.

Title                     Twenty-four winners worth a look.

Magazine           Orchids: the Magazine of the American Orchid Society. v. 75, no. 6 (June 2006), p. 430-[436].


Author               Platt, Karen.

Title                     Black magic & purple passion /

Edition              3rd ed.

Publication        Sheffield, England : Black Tulip Pub., c2004.

Call number:      SB454.C71 P697b 2004          


Author                 Bonine, Paul

Title                     Black plants: 75 striking choices for the garden

Publication        Portland, Or : Timber Press, 2009

Call number       SB 454.3 .C64 B66 2009