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Students Go to the Garden … and GROW

There’s a popular tradition among The Steward School’s first graders. Each spring, a busload of excited youngsters travels to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden for an educationally enriched, fun-filled adventure.

“It’s the best place in town to link with our unit on plants,” says first grade teacher Betsy Saunders. Another immediate benefit is the opportunity for hands-on, scientific discovery in a safe environment. “Children today are so separated from the natural world that they have a nature deficit. The Garden is a place where they can dig, touch a worm or learn how not to be afraid of bees. The plants and wildlife come together at the Garden, so it all enhances our curriculum. The packet of seeds [provided to all student groups] is wonderful, too. When we returned [to the classroom] we planted the seeds and used them for experiments,” demonstrating plants’ reliance on sun and water.

Saunders particularly praises the area known as the Children’s Garden. “It’s child-sized and just perfect for little kids—a place where children can be children. And the Children’s Garden educators are so good. They’re always prepared and get the students excited about what they’re doing.

“Visiting Lewis Ginter is the highlight of our year,” Saunders shares. “We all just love it!”

Ben, age 7, wrote the following poem following this year’s outing to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden


Looking out the window
From the tree house
A turtle!
Looking out the window
From the tree house.