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Who Benefits More—The Garden or Its Volunteers?

Every Tuesday, Rebeckah Moran can be found at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. Sometimes you’ll see her in the greenhouse potting plants or in the Children’s Garden weeding beds. Other Tuesdays you’ll discover her in the Volunteer Office assisting staff with an upcoming newsletter. What’s special about Rebeckah is that she not only is a capable and enthusiastic volunteer; she is a high school student. Rebeckah is a17-year-old home schooler who was willing to share her time and talents.

“I wanted help out, plus I like to be outdoors,” Rebeckah says. So after returning from a New Zealand internship, Rebeckah contacted Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden and volunteered for a couple four-hour shifts.

“When I go to college I want to be in the science field – maybe chemistry or psychology,” so working with the Garden staff prepares her in various ways. “I’ve learned a lot about how to take care for plants. The people at the Garden also make it a great experience. They’re really friendly and they get you involved. The whole atmosphere is really nice.”

In fact, Rebeckah enjoyed volunteering so much that a supposedly short-term stint extended to a year-long commitment.

“By working at the Garden I learn how to take on responsibility, how to be in a work environment and how to interact with different people,” the teenager notes. “I also gain new computer skills.”

With a laugh she adds, “I’ve even learned how not to kill plants!”