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Learn basic gardening skills, brush up rusty skills, or learn something new. Learn to design your home landscape and care for it.  Look for unique workshops, multiple-session classes, and inspiring lectures.

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Class Schedule April-August 2016


Plants for Virginia Gardens Series:

The Beginner’s Perennial Garden | April 14

This workshop introduces you to hardy perennials, simple starter plans, and the basics of soil preparation.  Instructor: Beth Burrell.

Plants for Spring | April 23

Pick up tips for selecting, placing, planting, and caring for reliable spring plants as well as the dark side—what problems are common to them.  Instructor: Garden Horticulturist Dean Dietrich

Plants for 9 to 5-ers | April 26

Horticulturist Laurie McMinn shares her experiences with plants that offer special interest and features  for 9 to 5ers, discussing selections and care, and including some examples in the Garden.

Container Garden Workshop | April 28

Garden designer Beth Burrell shows you how to plan your container garden, from soil mixes and planting techniques to design tips and succession planting for seasonal color, then create your own container garden under Beth’s guidance.

Botany Series:

Intermediate Botany | May 16, 17, 18

This course provides an in-depth overview of the tools and techniques used by botanists to identify plants to the species level, with a strong emphasis on family characteristics.  Instructor: Dr. Douglas DeBerry

Using the Flora of Virginia | July 18, 19, 20

This three-day course will cover essential aspects of the Flora that will help you successfully navigate dichotomous keys at all levels (family, genus, species), teach you how to get the information you need out of the species descriptions, and introduce you to some other very helpful components of the book. Instructor: Dr. Douglas DeBerry

Grasses, Sedges, and Rushes | August 15, 16

This course is for the disgruntled multitudes who would like to gain a better understanding of grass, sedge, and rush terminology, classification, nomenclature, and most importantly, identification. Instructor: Dr. Douglas DeBerry

Garden Basics Series:

Good Bug, Bad Bug | June 4

Horticulturist Chelsea Mahaffey discusses some of the ‘bad’ bugs you might encounter, and how to identify them.  Then, discuss ‘good’ bugs and how they help your plants.

Plant it Now! Fall Vegetable Gardening | July 23

Children’s Garden Horticulturist Heather Veneziano describes how to plan a fall garden and which plants work best in our climate. Learn organic gardening techniques and pointers for growing vegetables year-round.

Making “Fairy Houses” with Natural Materials Adult/Child Workshop | June 11

Make a summer home for the fairies in your garden using materials that are durable outside in sheltered areas under the guidance of horticulturist Shannon Smith and experienced staff and volunteers.

Making “Fairy Gardens” Adult/Child Workshop | June 23

Create your own miniature container garden in this  workshop. Following  a demonstration of plants and materials for miniature gardens,  create your own ‘little fairy landscape’.  Instructor: Beth Burrell

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