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Class Schedule December – April 2017


Winter Botany | January 9, 10

This course reveals all of the characteristics that woody plants leave behind during the winter months. Learn how to use this information to identify woody plants to the species level.  Instructor: Dr. Douglas DeBerry

Beginning Botany for Gardeners | February 22, March 1, 8, 22

Learn about the ‘secret life of plants’.  This class introduces you to the way plants make food, grow, and reproduce.


Building Good Garden Soil | March 18 (this is a change from the originally published date)

Instructor Karin Sretchko explains the characteristics of basic soil types, and how to analyze your own soils, including amendment techniques, drainage, and more.

Vegetable Gardening the Organic Way | March 11

Learn the basics of gardening the earth-friendly way!   Garden horticulturist Heather Veneziano discusses how to ‘go green’ with your garden, including soil amendments, plant maintenance and pest control.

Spring Pruning for Shrubs and Small Ornamental Trees | March 11

Instructor Joel Koci of Arborcare, Inc., describes the basics of pruning, discusses appropriate pruning times for various woodies, and demonstrates techniques.

Rose Pruning 101 | March 18

Join the Rose Garden Horticulturist, Laurie McMinn, for this introduction to basic rose garden pruning.  Learn best practices for pruning, and spend time in the Rose Garden for hands-on demonstrations.

Digging In: Tips: Tools, and Time-Savers | March 23, 30, April 6

Instructor Beth Burrell helps you take your home landscape to new places with step-by-step advice on plants best suited for the Richmond area, site preparation, proper planting techniques, and the finishing touches.


So You Want to Keep Bees? | January 21

Learn what keeping bees is all about: how long it takes to learn, year-round schedule, time requirements, and cost.  Learn what resources are available locally to help you get started.

Backyard Beekeeping for Beginners | February 26, March 12, 26, April 9

Learn the basics of beekeeping by learning the common tasks that define the rhythm of the beekeeper’s year.  Assistance in ordering equipment and bees, a workshop to assemble your hive with expert beekeeper help and hands-on instruction are all included.

Bee Helpers: Plantings and Practices to Attract Pollinators | April 30

Learn how to support honey bees and other important pollinators in your own yard through companion planting and pesticide-free practices.


Planning and Planting a Cutting Garden | February 11

Garden Horticulturist Laurie McMinn discusses how to plan and design a cutting garden that is attractive, colorful, fragrant, and useful!

The Beginner’s Perennial Garden | April 13

Perennials can provide almost year-round color in an easy-care garden.  This workshop introduces you to hardy perennials, simple starter plans, and the basics of soil preparation.

Patio Vegetable Gardening | April 29

Garden horticulturist Heather Veneziano shows you how to plan an abundant vegetable garden with containers, including best plant selections, techniques for growing up, not out, and more.


Winter Symposium and 48th Annual CVNLA Short Course: In Pursuit of High-Performing Landscapes| February 15, 16, 17

Three days of horticultural excellence, presented by Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Central Virginia Nursery and Landscape Association, and Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Plants for Late Winter Interest | February 18

Garden horticulturist Dean Dietrich discusses reliable, interesting plants that provide ongoing interest as the seasons change.

Gardening with Deer | February 23

Beth Burrell helps you learn which plants are most likely to be targeted by deer and points out ways to deter the animals-including chemical, biological, and structural controls.

Tree Care Symposium: Ensuring Best Practices | March 23

Look at how tree populations are changing and consider new approaches to adaptable species.  Examine how to ensure best selection, planting, pruning, and maintenance practices, and updates on the effect of changing climates on insect outbreaks.

Spring Container Garden Workshop | April 27

Garden designer Beth Burrell shows you how to plan your container garden, from soil mixes and planting techniques to design tips and succession planting for seasonal color, then create your own container garden under Beth’s guidance.

Plants for Spring Interest | April 29

Garden horticulturist Dean Dietrich includes tips for selecting, placing, planting, and caring for his selections as well as the dark side—what problems are common to them.


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