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Class Schedule April-August 2017

Botany Series

Intermediate Botany | June 20, 21, 22

This course provides an in-depth overview of the tools and techniques used by botanists to identify plants to the species level, with a strong emphasis on family characteristics.  Instructor: Dr. Douglas DeBerry.  Contact Hours: 21

Using the Flora of Virginia | July 26, 27, 28

This three-day session is dedicated to teaching you how to get the MOST out of your investment in the Flora of Virginia.  We’ll cover essential aspects of the Flora that will help you successfully navigate dichotomous keys at all levels (family, genus, species), teach you how to get the information you need out of the species descriptions, and introduce you to some other very helpful components of the book that you may not have even known about. Instructor: Dr. Douglas DeBerry.  Contact Hours: 21

Grasses, Sedges, Rushes | August 7, 8

This course is for the disgruntled multitudes who would like to gain a better understanding of grass, sedge, and rush terminology, classification, nomenclature, and most importantly, identification.  Instructor: Dr. Douglas DeBerry.  Contact Hours: 14

Beekeeping Series

Bee Helpers: Plantings and Practices to Attract Pollinators | April 30

Learn how to support honey bees and other important pollinators in your own yard through companion planting and pesticide-free practices.

All About Honey Bees and Being a Beekeeper | May 13

Jesse the Beekeeper with East Coast Honey surveys the importance of honey bee pollination to our food supply, how consumers can take personal action to protect honey bees, and various aspects of beekeeping as a hobby and a business.

Design Series

The Beginner’s Perennial Garden | April 13

Perennials can provide almost year-round color in an easy-care garden.  This workshop introduces you to hardy perennials, simple starter plans, and the basics of soil preparation.

Patio Vegetable Gardening | April 29

Garden horticulturist Heather Veneziano shows you how to plan an abundant vegetable garden with containers, including best plant selections, techniques for growing up, not out, and more.

Container Gardens: Planning and Maintaining | June 15

Garden designer Beth Burrell shows you how to plan your container garden, from soil mixes and planting techniques to design tips and succession planting for seasonal color,  She includes maintenance tips and plant suggestions.

Plant Series

Advanced Perennials | April 26, May 3, 10

This follow-up  to “The Beginner’s Perennial Garden” focuses on the next wave of tough, high-impact perennial selections.  Discover strategies for season-long pizzazz through foliage impact and long-lasting blooms.  Instructor Beth Burrell

Spring Container Garden Workshop | April 27

Garden designer Beth Burrell shows you how to plan your container garden, from soil mixes and planting techniques to design tips and succession planting for seasonal color, then create your own container garden under Beth’s guidance.

Plants for Spring Interest | April 29

“Interviewing” plants for your home? Curious to see what those tiny plants in garden centers look like full-grown? Join Garden horticulturist Dean Dietrich as he discusses reliable, interesting plants in the Garden’s collections that provide particular spring interest.

Plant It Now! Fall Vegetable Gardening | July 29

Virginia’s long autumn makes this the perfect time to plant a late vegetable garden. Children’s Garden Horticulturist Heather Veneziano describes how to plan a fall garden and which plants work best in our climate.

Vines and Groundcovers for Virginia Gardens | September 14

Vines and groundcovers add height, structure, and layers of interest to gardens while providing settings for showier plants. Instructor Beth Burrell reviews the use of these plants in the landscape and provides suggestions for use in our area.


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