Educators' Conference: Natural Connections

Interdisciplinary Strategies for Teaching and Learning

Wednesday, March 14: Pre-K – 1st grade
Thursday, March 15: 2nd – 3rd grade
Friday, March 16: 4th – 5th grade

Join your colleagues for inspiring opportunities to make natural connections using interdisciplinary teaching approaches.

Presenters model ways to blend science, social studies, language arts, and math standards for authentic learning experiences.

Fee per day: $45; includes workshops, morning coffee, lunch, classroom resources and 8 hours of professional development points per day.

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Professional Development Workshops at Your School

Let us come to you!

Topics include but are not limited to:

Outdoors in All Seasons | Pre-k – 2nd grade

Explore the plants and animals in your schoolyard through multidisciplinary activities, experiments, art, and literature connections.

Inquiry-based Investigations in the Schoolyard | 3rd – 7th grade

Learn how to design and lead your students through open-ended inquiry science investigations using your schoolyard sidewalk, lawn and trees.

Using the School Grounds as a Classroom | all grades

Discover techniques for using plants and other natural materials in your schoolyard to increase student engagement while enhancing core curriculum.

Contact Kelly Riley at 804-262-9887 x336 or [email protected] to discuss your professional development needs.

Sprouting Success with Agriculture in the Classroom

July 23, 2018

Join the Agriculture in the Classroom team for a highly interactive workshop that will help you sprout successful learners in your PK-5 classroom. The workshop will feature cross-curricular, standards-aligned lessons and resources that use Virginia agriculture and natural resources to engage learners in science, mathematics, language arts, and social studies. Workshop participants will enjoy AITC’s hands-on minds-on activities and make-and-takes as they explore the garden and surrounding environment. Participants receive resource kits full of curriculum to start the school year.

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