Middle & High School Programs

Plan a field trip or school visit to the Garden and embark on a learning adventure with your students grades 6-12. These inquiry-based programs bring plant science to life and reinforce SOL concepts and vocabulary. Class size is limited to 25 students. Reserve a program by contacting the Children’s Education Assistant at (804) 262-9887 x322. Our Children’s Garden Group Information Guide is REQUIRED reading for any group that wants to schedule a trip to the garden. Familiarize yourself with the guide before bringing your group.

  • Hour-long programs are offered Monday-Friday at 9:00 a.m., 10:15 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.
  • Two programs available per time slot. Up to 25 students per program.
  • Cost is $9 per student; minimum group charge is $90.
  • One adult per five students admitted free.
  • Additional adults are $13.

Available Programs

Cultivation for the Commonwealth | 6th – 10th Grade

Available Sept/Oct/Nov/Mar/Apr/May & through June 10

There are many tasks required to start a garden and keep it growing and healthy. Starting with amending the soil, selecting the best site, sowing seeds, transplanting, watering then harvesting plants, students participate in every part of the cycle necessary to start, grow, and maintain a garden.

Forestry Fundamentals | 6th – 12th Grade

Available throughout the school year

Using basic tools, students will use mathematics skills to solve real-world problems in the Garden.  Working collaboratively, students measure the circumference of a tree trunk to calculate its age. Then students share data to compare the rate of growth of different species of trees, discovering how tree diversity contributes to our everyday lives.

Classification and Taxonomy | 6th – 12th Grade

Available throughout the school year

Every year, new plant species are discovered. How do botanists know the name of a plant they encounter and whether it is a new discovery?  Students learn introductory sorting and classification skills to identify jelly bean flavors then apply these skills in the garden by using taxonomic keys to identify trees and discover which are commonly used for food, medicine and other purposes.

East Meets West  | 6th – 12th Grade

Available throughout the school year

North American and East Asian climates are remarkably similar and so are our plants. But our traditions, mythologies and healing practices vary considerably. Students compare and contrast Eastern and Western cultural and botanical histories as expressed in the designs of the Asian Valley Garden and the European-inspired Central Garden. Students then collaborate to design a new garden space to reflect their own varied backgrounds and perspectives.