A NATURE JOURNAL page must include (1) visual and (2) verbal components. This is not “fine art” but good observation of nature. The visual component may be a pencil, pen or watercolor sketch or study - or several studies on the page. The verbal component can be an identification of what you have drawn, or your thoughts about it or the environment that you found it in, or an inspiring quote etc. And remember that “nature” is not just things that grow... but things that hop, and fly and trot or things that just sit there, like rocks.


Each artist may submit no more than two pieces. This is a curated show, so a piece may be accepted or could be rejected if it isn’t appropriate for this show.


A torn edge is not a problem, this should look like a journal page - a field journal isn’t absolutely tidy. Some of mine have smears...


But the pages need to be well framed and sturdy. The frames should be “free-standing” (quality photo frames would be good.) or the artist should provide a stable stand. These will be shown on top of the library bookshelves. People may handle them. A maximum size of 11x14" would be acceptable, but 9x12 would be preferable. 

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left: A sample page rendered in pen and ink.




At this writing the January dates to submit your work in person are:


Monday, January 14 - Tuckahoe Library meeting room.

The CVABA meet there from 9 - 3:00.


Saturdays, January 19th and 26th in the Lewis Ginter Library

from 1 to 4 PM.


February receiving dates TBA.




Sincerely, Susie Kowalik, Nature Journaling instructor, Lewis Ginter

                 Phyllis Laslett, Adult Ed. Coordinator, Lewis Ginter

                 Janet Woody, Librarian, Lewis Ginter