What's Happening in 2014


List of major events and exhibits in 2014

Installation of a new Cherry Tree Walk

Groovin' in the Garden on Hiatus in 2014-2015 

Cherry Tree Walk

Cherry trees blooming at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden photo by Don Williamson

Visit Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in winter and early spring of 2014 and you may notice some closed paths and fencing around Lake Sydnor.

photo by Don Williamson



The "Cherry Tree Walk" is the working title of the project currently underway around the perimeter of Lake Sydnor. Scheduled for planting in mid-April of 2014, the project is funded through the generosity of an anonymous donor and will:

  • Create improved planting beds bordering the east side of Lake Sydnor filled with a variety of spring-flowering trees, including several varieties of cherries, and layered plantings up to water's edge.

  • Remove and replace diseased and damaged trees or those competing with other specimen trees.

  • Improve planting conditions and irrigation.

  • Visually and physically "tie together" the lake and all the individual gardens surrounding it.

  • Create an attractive, accessible, illuminated walkway around the entire perimeter of the lake.

  • Create paved secondary walkways looping from and back to the main walkway in five locations where guests are encouraged to linger and look.

  • Create plans for future projects.

Groovin' in the Garden Concerts on Hiatus 2014-2015

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is so grateful to Haymaker  Productions for outstanding work on the Garden’s “Groovin’ in the Garden” ? series since 2005. We’ve enjoyed being the host site as Haymaker brought together great performers with unmatched production values, delighting tens of thousands of fans. 

Groovin’ is taking a two-year hiatus (2014 and 2015) as we complete the Cherry Tree Walk and focus on garden-wide educational opportunities as part of our review of the Children’s Garden and its programs. Over the next two years, music will continue to be an important part of events at the Garden, from Mother’s Day and Flowers After 5 concerts to impromptu jam sessions in our Children’s Garden.

Meanwhile, we hope those who have enjoyed Groovin’ will continue to support Haymaker and local concerts, and we invite all to join the hundreds of thousands of guests who come annually to help the Garden fulfill our passion of connecting plants and people to improve our community.