Dominion GardenFest of Lights


THEME FOR 2014-2015

A Legacy in Lights: 120 Years from Bicycle Club to Botanical Garden

Bike and bloom lights at Dominion GardenFest of Lights Celebrate the Garden’s 30th Anniversary at this year’s Dominion GardenFest of Lights!  Take a tour through time – via bicycle!  Bringing 2014 to a close and ringing in 2015 this year’s display celebrates the 1984 opening of Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden and kicks off the celebration of the Lakeside Wheel Club founded by Lewis Ginter in 1895.

Pathways filled with flowers aglow and bicycles blazing trails lead you to a bonfire where you can toast s’mores, enjoy an espresso or hot chocolate and climb our towering tree house to view the garden filled with lights. 

Pass under archways of light decked out in sparkling bicycle streamers, bells and baskets to visit the Conservatory.  Here the 20 foot tree comes to life as trucks and toys, lions and lace, tigers, trains, bicycles, bears, agriculture and even alligators all come together in a celebration of the many ways our namesake made his mark on our city.  You’ll also find the new North Wing train display where handcrafted historic Richmond landmarks reach to the moon and star filled sky and trains and trolley cars travel to and fro. 

 In the education center, explore the interactive train display, visit the library filled with dollhouses where you can warm by the fire and view the 14 foot tree covered in Victorian decorations and dozens of photographs depicting decades of growth as the Garden has become one of the best gardens in North America.  

This theme also celebrates the UCI Road World Cycling Championships coming to Richmond in 2015. Learn more about Richmond2015.


  • 21: how many years there has been a “GardenFest"

  • 18: how many years Dominion has been a sponsor. (Support is provided through The Dominion Foundation, the company’s philanthropic arm, and they are currently the title sponsor.)

  • 500,000+: number of lights in the show.

  • 25+: number of miles of light strands used.

  • 150+: number of lighted forms in the display.

  • 2 months: how long it takes to install the lights (and 6+ months of prep work).

  • 10: number of staff working 20 - 60 hours a week on GardenFest (Oct. 1 - Thanksgiving).

  • 200: number of volunteers helping prepare for GardenFest, working 3,976 hours (total).
  • 500+ bottle flowers made by volunteers.
  • 5,000 plug protectors used to keep rain out of extention outlets.

  • 44: number of nights of Dominion GardenFest of Lights.

GardenFest runs 5-10 p.m. daily except for Dec. 24 and 25 at the non-profit Garden located at 1800 Lakeside Ave., Richmond. .

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