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See photos of the lilacs.

Lilac; Syringa X hyacinthiflora

These plants are all hybrids with Syringa oblata, a Chinese species that performs well in both warm and cold climates. It is also resistant to powdery mildew. Cultivars have been tested and named which combine the best traits of the Chinese species with the best traits of the traditional French lilac species (Syringa vulgaris).

So we now have lilacs that are disease resistant and will bloom well in our area!

Culture Information

All are medium, rather bushy shrubs – usually 5’ -7’ tall (bigger if really happy). In time, they will form a multi-stemmed, fairly wide clump.

They do best in full sun with good air circulation, even moisture, and a little fertilizer.

These hybrids bloom fairly early – April in Richmond, late March if warm enough. As a bonus, they bloom when small. Expect flowers in one to three years.

All have numerous, very fragrant to extremely fragrant flowers. Once they are large enough, the blooming branches make good cut flowers. However don’t prune too much – leave ample leaves and branches for future growth.

Lilac colors have some variation. The unopened buds are much darker than the opened flowers and climate/site condtions will produce some variations as well. So the given colors are a general guide; some years will be darker or lighter than the photos.

We offer several cultivars. The names and added information are on the pot labels.