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West Island Garden Restoration Project

If you have not visited the Martha and Reed West Island Garden since the completion of our restoration project in April 2012, please enjoy soon the measures taken to  preserveour extraordinary Sarracenia collection (the pitcher plants),  restore the garden's ecosystem and the health of the water and beds around the plants and  improve visitor circulation.

Project Summary:

  • Project duration: February 10 – April 20, 2012
  • Dredged and aerated the West Island lake, shoring up the perimeters of the islands with stone, and reinforcing the flanks of the two weirs (or dams) under the bridges on the north side of the garden.  The organic material dredged from the lake was collected at another location at the Garden, and will be reused appropriately by the horticulturists. 
  • Removed and replaced the walkways and bridges, reorienting the Garden towards Asian Valley.  New walkways are a Trex product, manufactured from recycled plastic and wood.
  • Protected and preserved the pitcher plants.
  • This coming fall, the horticultural team will be implementing a new planting plan for that Garden, centered around the pitcher plants.