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Why Visit a Botanical Garden in Winter?

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden offers a "Winter Special" reduced Garden admission now through Feb. 13, 2013.

Adults & Senior: $5; Children (ages 3 -12) $4; under age 3: free.

1. Plants of Winter Interest & Conservatory

"Botanical gardens are particularly attractive on a winter weekend. Many have areas or walks that are planted specifically to look good in the winter months...More alluring still, are those with glasshouses. There can be few more pleasant ways to take refuge from freezing winds than to wander for an hour or two among beautiful exotic plants in a steamy, jungle-like atmosphere...." From the The Wonderful Weekend Book by Elspeth Thompson

Symbol for Asian plants

2. Special Self-guided tour of Asian Plants in Western Landscapes.

Look for the symbol (right) in the Garden to find out which plants native to Asia are mainstays in Western Gardens.

3. Exhibit Asian Gardens: A Paradox
Ginter Gallery II in the Education Building Hallway features an exhibit highlighting Asian Garden Design principles.