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Wildlife in the Garden

On your next visit to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, look for these friends from the wild who call Lewis Ginter home.

Fish: Asian Valley
Feed the fish in the lake behind the Robins Tea House in Asian Valley. Fish food is for sale by the lake (25 cents).

Turtles: Sydnor Lake
Heading toward the Children’s Garden along the Flagler walkway, watch for turtles sunning themselves on the drainage pipe near the bank.

Geese: Sydnor Lake and bank in the Children’s Garden
Geese can frequently be seen on the banks of Sydnor Lake in the Children’s Garden or in Sydnor lake. Look for them from the windows of the CWD Tree House!

Great Blue Heron: Sydnor Lake, West Island Garden and Asian Valley
Our blue heron doesn’t stay still for long. Look for him in the West Island Garden as you cross the lake and in Asian Valley around the Robins Tea House.

Honey Bees: Everywhere
Bees collect nectar from all over Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden to make their honey. Look for them in late spring and early summer on the Vitex trees in the Flagler Perennial Garden and bee balm and other bee friendly plants throughout the Garden.

Butterflies: Everywhere
Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is home to many butterflies. During the warm months, look for caterpillars munching on leaves and for monarch, swallowtail and cabbage butterflies in the air. The Garden creates a wonderful habitat for butterflies by planting good nectar flowers, such as butterfly bush, and host plants, such as milkweed and fennel, for hungry caterpillars.

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