These virtual teacher workshops are designed for pre-K, elementary, and middle school educators. Gain ideas for enhancing your curriculum through nature-based learning and acquire effective outdoor teaching techniques by registering for a FREE Garden Teacher Workshop.

Sticks, Stones and Pinecones | Pre-K

This program aims to inspire you to use the natural materials in your schoolyard for authentic learning and exploration. By integrating natural materials, collected by students, into lessons, educators promote STEAM concepts. These materials provide countless opportunities for children to inquire, design, build, and problem solve. Hand-on observations also help students connect with the natural world.


Modeling Nature's Cycles | Elementary School

This program provides ideas for implementing project-based learning science themes in the classroom. Demonstrations of how to make a watershed model, a mini composter, and a terrarium are highlighted. By building and working with these models, students can understand nature’s cycles and the effects of human activity on natural systems.


NEW! Plants and Pollinators in the Schoolyard | Middle School

This program explains how to introduce students to pollinators that play important roles in nature’s ecosystems by using the Great Sunflower Project. This project is a community science platform that educators can use to help students gain first-hand insight into the intricate relationship between plants and pollinators.