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Green Adventure Summer Camps


Join us for Green Adventures, our weeklong day camp programs for children. Campers explore the Garden to find out about the plant kingdom and their connection to it. Enjoy keepsake crafts, field studies, garden games, and botanical snacks. $; Pre-registration required.

Garden Critters NEW

4 to 5 year-olds

June 16 - 20, 9 am – noon

As we explore a wide range of habitats, campers discover insects, reptiles, fish, birds, and invertebrates! We will see through insect eyes, plant a mini-butterfly garden, and harvest “rabbit food” to taste in the Garden.

Art in the Garden* NEW

4 to 5 year-olds

June 30 – July 3, 9 am – noon (*4 day camp due to the 4th of July)

Let’s get creative! Campers take inspiration from the Garden while participating in the creative and performing arts. We will make musical instruments, participate in puppet shows, and create ephemeral art from natural materials.

Over the River and Through the Woods NEW

4 to 5 year-olds

July 28 Aug 1, 9 am noon

Go on a Garden adventure! As we explore off the beaten paths, campers will hop boulders across a creek, follow maps to Garden treasure, dissect plants that eat insects, and use all five senses to make exciting new discoveries.

Forest Fairies and Summer Sprites

Rising 1st grade

July 7 July 11, 9am noon

Frolic in the garden for an entire enchanted week! Embark on journeys seeking out sparkling creatures, toad stools, fairy umbrellas, and other forest secrets. Grow a crystal garden, forage for edibles, decorate fairy wings, and enjoy woodland legends and songs.

Amazing Adaptations

Rising 2nd and 3rd grades

July 14 July 18, 9am noon

Learn wilderness survival skills from the experts: wildlife! Find out how water scorpions breathe ‘backwards’ underwater, watch seemingly harmless plants trap live animals, and listen to secretive Bess Bug whispers! Seek answers to nature's mysteries through engaging investigations, plant-inspired crafts, and animal tales from around the world.


Rising Rising 3rd and 4th grades

August 11 August 15, 9am noon

Explore meadows, forests and gardens seeking out magical yet real properties of flowers, roots, leaves and seeds that are used for flavoring, healing and art. Discover weeds that shine like jewels, plants that move as if tickled, and seeds that inspire love in all those that look upon them. We'll even use plants to play a game of botanical quidditch!

Care of Magical Creatures NEW

Rising 5th and 6th grades

June 23 27, 9am noon

Meet a variety of enchanting garden dwellers including fly-traps, dragons, serpents, 6-leggers and more to learn about their unique lives and behaviors. Hike through the Forbidden Forest to explore their habitats and learn how to provide care for each creature. Then round out the week with a rousing game of Garden Quidditch!

Camp Cuisine NEW

Rising 6th, 7th and 8th grades

July 21 July 25, 9am noon

Gardening, harvesting, cooking and eating was never so much fun! In-the-garden kid created foods include belly bread, solar oven pizza, shoebox cake, orange-shell muffins, lunch sack bacon, stone-mashed garden pesto, hand-churned maple ice-cream and campfire s’mores! 




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