Garden Tours for Adults

Enhance your knowledge by taking one of Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden’s adult guided tours for individuals. Discover seasonal highlights or learn about a specific Garden area during our seasonal tours. Join Garden Guides as they share their areas of expertise during the Talk and Tour themed garden tours.

Tour Schedule January – April 2024

NEW! Themed 30-Minute Friday Drop-In Tours IN-PERSON All Tours Begin at 1PM! 

COMING SOON IN APRIL 2024! Join a Garden Guide for a 30-minute mini-tour featuring a variety of unique topics! No pre-registration required. Free to members or with paid admission. Meet in the Atrium of the Robins Visitors Center. Each tour will be limited to 15 participants. 

Family-Friendly Wildlife Hunt (including insects!): Friday, April 5

Let’s wander the Garden with Garden Guide, Lorrie Lincoln and see what animals and insects we can find.

Viburnums: Friday, April 12

What versatile shrub blooms in April/May, may be elegantly fragrant, widely varies in size, can be native, produces berries loved by birds, may turn colorful in fall, and gives you a choice of 100’s of species and cultivars?  Come join Garden Guide Daryl Mathers to see the viburnums that are in bloom on April 12th and learn how to incorporate these beauties in your garden.

Hidden Gems of the Garden:  Friday, April 19

Join Garden Guide Lorrie Lincoln in exploring an area of the Garden not commonly visited by most guests. Depending on weather and construction, we will look for something a little off the beaten path.  Please wear shoes appropriate for uneven ground and mud.

Springtime Blooms:  Beyond Daffodils and Tulips:  Friday, April 26

As daffodils and tulips fade, shrubs, perennials and late-blooming bulbs shine.  Join Garden Guide Julia Cothron to view natural and cultivated rhododendrons and azaleas.  See emerging peonies, iris and perhaps some roses. If lucky, we will view some ephemeral plants that must complete their life cycle before leaf cover reduces sunlight. Even though weather impacts bloom time, our woodland areas will abound with blooms.

Peonies:  Friday, May 3

There cannot be one person who doesn’t love a peony! Considering their colors, forms, fragrance, foliage, symbolism and carefree longevity, this is a plant to admire. Peony varieties bloom sequentially for 6 weeks.  Join Garden Guide Daryl Mathers to see what’s in bloom on May 3rd and learn all we can.

Trees: Recognizing Leaf Types and Shapes:  Friday, May 10

Are you familiar enough with leaf shapes to recognize what type of tree you’re looking at?  Let’s explore with Garden Guide Lorrie Lincoln to see what leaves have “leafed out” and see what we can recognize.

Digging Deeper Into Flagler:  Friday, May 17

Learn more about the history of the Henry M. Flagler Garden, completed in May 1993 and the first major project of the Garden’s masterplan. Garden Guide Anita Waters will start the tour at the Ian Robertson Pavilion and stroll along the 500-foot lawn to the sculpture “Slow Dance”.


Seasonal Garden Tours IN-PERSON

Enhance your understanding and appreciation of the Garden with one of these specialized tours featuring seasonal aspects of the collection, offered monthly except January, July, August and December.

February Seasonal Garden Tour: February 6

March Seasonal Garden Tours: March 5 OR March 20

April Seasonal Garden Tours: April 9 OR April 24

Talk and Tours IN-PERSON

Conservation & Sustainability Talk and Walk | March 14

Join Garden Guide Susie Austin for a talk about the many ways we practice sustainability here at the Garden including conserving water, planting native species and recycling. Then enjoy a walk around the Garden to see some of our current efforts at work and discuss how some of these could be adopted for use in your home garden.

Themed Tours IN-PERSON

Enjoy a guided tour of the Garden through the lens of a particular themed topic!

The Conservatory: Beyond Its Timeless Beauty Tour | January 25 OR March 2 

Conservatories enable exotic plants to be grown, showcase treasures of the plant world and provide a peaceful reflective setting. Discover how plants are obtained and curated to develop a significant botanical collection of ever-changing displays. Explore favorite plant groups – ferns, orchids and desert plants. Be inspired to grow your own exotic plants and acquire tips for orchid care.

Springtime in Virginia Tour | March 21 OR April 6

In early March, spring creeps in. Fruit trees and witch hazels bloom on bare limbs and early bulbs emerge among the leaves. By April, daffodils, tulips and bluebells color the ground while viburnum and redbuds paint the canopy above. Learn what makes “A Million Blooms” possible and how the Garden changes, including the brief appearance of ephemerals. Acquire information about perennials recommended for beginning gardeners with small spaces.

Virginia Native Plants in Context Tour | April 18 OR April 28

Come tour the Garden with Garden Guide Rich Waiton to find both prominent and some lesser-known native Virginia trees, shrubs and perennials. We’ll learn how they fit into the taxonomy (or world-wide botanical order) and relate to other plants of interest which are indigenous to North America and other areas of the world. We’ll discuss the practical implications of native plant terminology including genus, species, cultivar and nativar.

Hidden Life of Trees Tour | April 16

Join Garden Guide Ralph Ashton for a walk through the Garden to explore how trees interact to help each other, migrate in response to climate change, avoid extinction or reappear after having been declared extinct, as well as other stories that trees have to tell us.

Spring Migration Tour | April 27

Enjoy a pleasant walk in the Garden with Garden Guides Buz and Barb Sawyer and learn about how birds use our 80 acres to rest, refuel and continue the journey north to their breeding grounds. Discover what birds will be passing through or arriving in Richmond for the summer.

NEW! Themed Thirty-Minute Friday Drop-In Tours IN-PERSON

COMING SOON IN APRIL 2024! Join a Garden Guide for a 30-minute mini-tour featuring a variety of unique topics! No pre-registration required. Free to members or with paid admission. Meet in the Atrium of the Robins Visitors Center. Each tour will be limited to 15 participants. Stay tuned for more information!

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