Garden Tours for Adults

Enhance your knowledge by taking one of Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden’s adult guided tours for individuals. Discover seasonal highlights or learn about a specific Garden area during our seasonal tours.  Join Garden Guides as they share their areas of expertise during the Talk and Tour themed garden tours.

Please note Covid-19 related requirements for in-person tours.  All guidelines are subject to change.

Tour Schedule April – August 2022


Enjoy a guided tour of the Garden through the lens of a particular themed topic!

Springtime in Virginia | April 9, OR April 21

Learn what makes “A Million Blooms” possible and how the Garden changes, including the brief appearance of ephemerals. Acquire information about perennials recommended for beginning gardeners with small spaces.

NEW! After Glen Stream Restoration Tour |  April 6 at 10am OR April 6 at 12pm 

Visit the newly restored Glen Stream on a guided tour with a volunteer Garden Guide. Hear about the planning process, and why it was important to refurbish.

NEW! Sydnor Lake Gardens Tour | April 20

Learn about the gardens adjacent to Sydnor Lake, featured plantings, and explore the diversity of each garden landscape. Walk among mature trees including a magnificent sycamore.

Mindfulness in the Garden: A Sensory Tour | May 11

Join your Garden Guide as we open each of our senses to mindfully take in all that the Garden has to offer. Opening our awareness, we can appreciate the smell of the plants and earth, the visual wonder of the garden designs, the sounds of the wind and birds, the taste of the fruits, the feeling of the breeze – and the accompanying thoughts that go through our minds as we walk the Garden.

Pollinators and Pollinator Habitats Talk and Tour | May 18

What is a pollinator? Why are pollinators so important? What do they need for Habitats? How can you create a habitat? Come talk about what pollinators are, what they do and what is necessary for them to survive. Then we will enjoy a walk around the garden looking to see what pollinators we can find and what pollinator habitats we have created here in the garden.

Native Moths and Butterflies Talk and Tour | June 22

What are some of our native moths and butterflies? What do their caterpillars look like? What do they need for survival? Come talk and see pictures of some of our native moths and butterflies and learn what their host foods are. Then enjoy a walk around the garden to see what we can find.

Seasonal Garden Tours IN-PERSON

Enhance your understanding and appreciation of the Garden with one of these specialized tours featuring seasonal aspects of the collection, offered monthly except January, July, August and December.

April 5 AND April 12

May 3 AND May 10

June 7

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