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Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden’s mission is connecting people through plants to improve communities. Our goal is to extend beyond traditional boundaries to have a positive impact and to enrich lives. The Garden is growing fresh produce for the hungry; actively participating in urban greening and water management initiatives; contributing to economic development and work-force training; and educating diverse youth and adult audiences about critical issues related to the interdependence of plants and people.

Our mission affirms the Garden as a primary resource for learning about the botanical world—its beauty, heritage, and significance to the web of life.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden connects people through plants to improve communities.

The five core values of Inspiration, Hospitality, Integrity, Responsibility, and Innovation define the ethos of the Garden and Reserve.

The five Core Values of Inspiration, Hospitality, Integrity, Responsibility, and Innovation define the ethos of the Garden and Reserve.

Our Vision builds upon our accomplishments and expanded presence and responsibility as we have transformed from a local attraction to a national place of excellence.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, including the new Lewis Ginter Nature Reserve, reveals the unity and integration of human and plant life, celebrates the fundamental significance of the natural world, and enriches communities through horticultural and educational excellence and innovative outreach initiatives.

Community Involvement

*Growing Food for the Hungry: The Community Kitchen Garden at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

(Due to COVID-19, in-person volunteering through BeautifulRVA and Ginter Urban Gardeners is on hiatus.)

*Gardening for the Future: Plant Diversity, Integrated Pest Management, Water Management and more.


We care about protecting the environment’s limited resources and environmental stewardship is central to our mission. One thing we do is recycle water from Sydnor & Wick lakes to irrigate plants. Learn more and find out how to conserve water in your garden!

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Read Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden’s 2021–2025 Strategic Plan, Unearthing Our Potential (PDF).

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