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Volunteers were instrumental in the development of the garden and continue to play a major role. Volunteers work with staff in every area of the Garden from weeding, planting, pruning, to welcoming guests in Admissions and guiding tours.

Thanks to the wonderful giving spirit of our volunteers and volunteer applicants, we may have a backlog of applicants for processing, training and placement. During busy Garden times, like GardenFest of Lights, processing time may increase.

Please review About Volunteering, and Volunteer Opportunities  for more information.  We welcome your application and we will contact you as openings occur. You may:  

  • Adult Volunteers:




 Submit an application online: Adult Volunteer Application

 Download an application for submission: Volunteer Application

  • Youth Volunteers (minors):

Active Volunteers log in:
Update contact information and check your service hours. Volunteer Information Center - If you are a new volunteer, please ask the volunteer manager to send a site password that will allow you to access your information.


                                                       About Volunteering

     Volunteer at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

              Information about volunteering and the many opportunities available.

                                              Youth Volunteer Opportunities


                        Adult Volunteer Opportunities in the Children's Garden



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