Join us for a week of camp filled with adventure, discovery, and exploration in the Garden!

To help keep everyone safe, healthy, and happy, we are closely monitoring local covid-19 case numbers and current CDC and VDH guidelines. In recognition of the ever-changing nature of the pandemic, we will make a determination in late spring regarding specific health and safety policies and procedures. Parents/guardians can expect that all camps will be held primarily outdoors, weather permitting.

Final decisions regarding our health and safety policy will be distributed to parents/guardians of registered campers by June 1. If you are not comfortable sending your child to camp based on our health and safety policy at that time, you may withdraw your child from camp before June 10 and receive a full refund; after June 10, refunds will only be offered if the space can be filled.

Pollinator Power | Ages 5 – 6 | June 20 – 24

What does a caterpillar eat for lunch? How does it turn into a butterfly? Why are bees so busy? Campers will explore the important role these creatures play in nature by peering under leaves to hunt for pollinator eggs, examining how caterpillars wiggle, and observing butterflies and bees pollinating flowers. There will be plenty of crafts to bring home, including seed balls and a beeswax sun catcher.


Junior Naturalist | Ages 7 – 8 | August 15 – 19 / Ages 9 – 12 | June 27 – July 1

Anyone can become a junior naturalist. All that’s needed is curiosity about the wonders of the natural world. Through hands-on activities, campers will discover the amazing ways that plants, animals and insects support each other in well-balanced ecosystems. Campers will record their discoveries in nature journals that will be filled with pressed plants, drawings, and scientific data.


Art in the Garden | Ages 7 – 8 | June 27 – July 1 / Ages 9 – 12 | August 8 – 12

Let creativity shine at the Garden! In this camp, kids will discover new areas and revisit familiar ones to use as artistic inspiration. Campers will experiment with using tea bags to paint and let their imaginations run wild while creating clay tree faces. Combining unusual materials and methods with the beauty of the Garden is the perfect blend to bring out the natural artist in all.


Nature Detectives | Ages 5 – 6 | July 5 – 8 / Ages 7 – 8 | July 25 – 29

This camp is for kids who love being outside and searching for clues about the natural world. Young naturalists will investigate off-the-beaten paths, search for treasures in the woods, dissect owl pellets, and discover a variety of plants. Campers will look for evidence of unseen animal activity and gain skills they can use to uncover nature’s clues in the Garden and beyond!


Herbology | Ages 7 – 8 | August 1 – 5 / Ages 9 – 12 | July 18 – 22

Have you ever wondered where honey is made, or how to heal a common bug bite or scratch without leaving your yard? Did you know that there is a plant that is 300 times sweeter than sugar that is good for your teeth? Campers learn to do it themselves in this hands-on exploration of the garden. Each day, campers will get to know plants and critters, learn how to harvest and prepare tasty snacks, stock their herbal toolkit, and develop skills to grow their own garden.


Wow Your Senses | Ages 5 – 6 | Augst 8 – 12

There is so much to see… and smell, touch, hear, and taste! Campers will explore the Garden using all of their senses. Smell lavender, taste honey, listen to animal calls, feel the texture of lamb’s ear, and observe the colors of a flowerbed. Connecting with nature goes far beyond what can be seen with the eyes. Discover all the ways to experience the Garden!


The Wonders of Water | Ages 5 – 6 | July 25 – 29

Campers will get their hands wet and dive deeper into the fascinating world of water. Through hands-on experiments, habitat exploration, stories and much more, campers will explore water in all phases. Their knowledge will be tested with an interactive Garden scavenger hunt that will take them on a new quest each day!