About the Richmond Designers’ Guild

The Richmond Designers’ Guild was founded in November 2011 and is comprised of 25 members, all of whom are flower show judges. As part of the National Garden Clubs, the Guild’s primary mission is learning more about floral design and flower shows with an emphasis on the National Garden Clubs’ design types. To become a member, one must be invited to join and be a National Garden Club flower show judge in good standing. Interest may be expressed to any member of the Guild.

Richmond Designers’ Guild has been partnering with Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden since shortly after getting started in 2011. The Guild meets monthly from March through October in the Kelly Education Center at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. Members of the Guild share their knowledge on one design type per month in the meetings. The Guild has public flower shows approximately biannually.

For any inquiries about the work of the Richmond Designers’ Guild or for more information about becoming a member, please contact Frances Thrash, President, at [email protected].