Corporate and Private Event Venues

The Garden offers six diverse venues for corporate, non-profit and private events. Each venue offers a variety of amenities making it easy to find the perfect venue for your event.

Below you can view the available venues for hosting your next corporate or private event. Our Corporate, Nonprofit, & Private Events Pricing Guide provides additional details and pricing for each venue.

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Rental Venues

Kelly Education Center, Massey Conference Center Auditorium

Monday – Sunday
Full Day Rentals or Partial Day Rentals (Daytime events ending by 3 pm or 6-10 pm)

Capacity (Full Auditorium):

Cocktail Reception – 200
Theatre – 250
Full Rounds – 162
Crescent Rounds – 108
Plated or Buffet Meal- 96

Capacity with Dancing (Full Auditorium):

Cocktail Reception- 175
Plated or Buffet Dinner- 96

Capacity (Partial Auditorium):

Theatre – 176
Seated Meal – 96
Crescent Rounds – 60

The Massey Conference Center Auditorium features a user-friendly audiovisual package that includes an oversized glass screen, a rear LCD projector, and wireless microphones available for client use.

Massey Conference Center, Azalea Room

Monday – Sunday
9 am – 5 pm or 6 – 10 pm


Theatre – 50
Plated Meal – 48
Buffet Meal – 40
Crescent Rounds – 30
Boardroom – 32
U-shape – 20

The Azalea Room has windows along one side of the room that overlook the Garden making it the perfect place from everything to a bridal shower to an off-site meeting. The Azalea Room offers a built-in screen that is available to clients.

* The Azalea Room is discounted 50% when rented with the Full Auditorium.

Robins Visitors Center (Robins Room, Garden Cafe, Atrium & Terraces)

Monday – Sunday
6 pm – 10 pm

Capacity (with or without dancing):

Cocktail Reception – 250
Plated or Buffet Dinner – 136

Robins Room and Terrace

Monday – Sunday
Full Day Rentals or Partial Day Rentals (Daytime events ending by 3 pm or 6-10 pm)


Plated Meal – 136
Buffet Meal – 96
Theatre – 130
Cocktail Reception – 125
Crescent Rounds with AV – 50
Full Rounds with AV- 80

Capacity with Dancing:

Cocktail Reception- 80
Plated Dinner- 64
Buffet Dinner- 40

Garden Café and Dining Terrace

Monday – Sunday
6 pm – 10 pm


Cocktail Reception – 100
Plated or Buffet Dinner – 60

Capacity with Dancing:

Cocktail Reception- 60
Plated or Buffet Dinner- 40

Robins Tea House

Mid-March- November- Monday & Tuesday, available all day
Wednesday-Sunday, 6-10 pm only

January- Mid-March- Monday-Sunday, available all day

Capacity with or without Dancing:

Cocktail Reception – 60
Buffet Dinner – 40
Plated Dinner – 60

Bloemendaal House

First Floor Only
April- October, Sunday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm

First Floor & Tents (available April-October only)
Full Day Rentals or Partial Day Rentals (Daytime events ending by 3 pm or 6-10 pm)

Capacity (First Floor Only):

Cocktail Reception – 125
Seated Meal – 48
Round tables with AV- 16
U-Shape- 20

Capacity (First Floor and Tents):

Cocktail Reception – 250
Plated Meal: Tent – 144, House – 48
Buffet Meal: 144

Bloemendaal House - Formal Dining Room

Monday – Friday
9 am-3pm


10, preset formal dining room table


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