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Fall Vegetable Gardening

Having four seasons in which to grow here in Virginia, fall is a great opportunity to transition from Spring/Summer crops to Fall/Winter crops. Horticulturist T.J. Oliver helps us know when it is time to say goodbye to cucumbers and tomatoes and say hello to cabbage, kale and kohlrabi. T.J. describes how to plan a fall garden with plants that work best in our climate through organic gardening techniques and provides pointers for those who want to grow vegetables year-round. This class will include a walk to the Kroger Community Kitchen Garden, and each participant will receive some seeds to get them started with their fall vegetable planting.

As an added bonus, participants of this class will be invited to stay after class from 4 – 5 pm for an optional volunteer workday in the Kroger Community Kitchen Garden! This will be an opportunity to get your hands in the dirt, apply concepts from the class in real time, and have additional time with the instructor to ask questions and continue learning tricks of the trade.

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Saturday, July 22, 2023
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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T.J. OliverGES: HL, 3, elective*

*This class offers 3 hours of elective credit toward the Garden Education Series: Gardening and Garden Design Certificate.  Non-certificate students welcome.

About the instructor

T.J. is a Horticulturist in charge of the Kroger Community Kitchen Garden here at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. Since 2010, he has traveled all over the United States learning and working in Agriculture and in the Apiary business, including in Hawaii, California, New York, Vermont, and now here in Virginia. T.J. utilizes a no-dig gardening method, recognizing that macro and micro biotic organisms in the soil constitute a food-web community which convert available nutrients in the soil to the mineral components plants need to thrive, simulating the natural processes which the natural world uses to maintain fertility in its soil. T.J. cares deeply about organization, cleanliness, and views gardening as a visual art form, incorporating beauty, varieties of beneficial and ornamental flowers, and native plant species into his agricultural gardens. He also prioritizes compost, soil building, and ensuring a thriving mycorrhiza symbiosis between plants and fungi within the soil. In his spare time T.J. likes to fish, hike, camp, and canoe with his wife and also creates aquariums, vivariums, and paludariums which simulate the natural biomes for the many creatures he takes care of, all while progressing his knowledge of the natural world.