Adult Learning Programs by Date

Explore adult learning opportunities at the Garden in order by date. Courses that include multiple sessions will be listed by the date of the first session and will indicate the number of sessions. If registration after the first session of a multi-session course is possible, it will be noted by an asterisk. All programs are in-person unless otherwise noted as virtual or hybrid.

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Class Schedule May – August 2024

05/13/2024: Monday Tai Chi at the Garden: May-June (5-week course)* 

05/14/2024: Seasonal Garden Tour: May

05/14/2024: Garden Salutations Gentle Yoga: May-June (6-week course)* 

05/14/2024: Tuesday Tai Chi at the Garden: May-June (5-week course)* 

05/15/2024: Conservation & Sustainability Talk & Walk 

05/15/2024: Vinyasa Flow Yoga at the Garden: May-June (6-week course)* 

05/21/2024: Vine to Glass: Bordeaux (Inspired) Blends 

05/22/2024: Intermediate Botany (3-day course)

05/22/2024: Evening Seasonal Garden Tour: May 

05/24/2024: Cultivating a Cut Flower Garden 

05/25/2024: Berry Bliss: Strawberry Container Gardening 

05/29/2024: Garden Photo Collage (2-day course)

05/30/2024: Hydrangeas Walk & Talk

05/31/2024: Flourish: Shade Plants of Flagler Garden Tour 

05/31/2024: Spring Floral Tablescapes 

06/01/2024: The Story of Invasive Plants & How to Remove Them with Peggy Singlemann  

06/01/2024: Colored Pencil I: Rendering Beautiful Artworks in Colored Pencil (2-week course) 

06/01/2024: All About Herbaria & Plant Pressing (Learning for All)

06/03/2024: Nature Journaling: Observing Fireflies (2-session virtual course) 

06/04/2024: Bold Botanicals with Oil Pastel & Colored Pencil 

06/04/2024: Seasonal Garden Tour: June 

06/04/2024: Botanical Bath Salts & Sugar Scrubs

06/06/2024: Native Moths and Butterflies Talk & Tour 

06/08/2024: Graphite Techniques for Botanical Illustration: Succulents 

06/10/2024: Flourish: Shade Plants of Flagler Garden Tour 

06/12/2024: Evening Seasonal Garden Tour: June 

06/13/2024: Flourish: Grace Arents Victorian Garden Tour 

06/13/2024: Rendering Textures in Graphite with International Artist Rogério Lupo (7-week virtual course)

06/15/2024: Building Good Garden Soil 

06/15/2024: Harmony Among Hues: Drawing Inspiration from Nature 

06/15/2024: Exploring Cacao Theobroma & Chocolate 

06/18/2024: Flourish: Grace Arents Victorian Garden Tour 

06/20/2024: Pollinator and Pollinator Habitats Talk & Tour 

06/24/2024: Botanical Sketchbook: Connecting to Nature & Deepening Skills (2-session course) 

06/25/2024: Seasonal Garden Tour: June 

06/25/2024: Garden to Glass: Flower-Infused Cocktails 

06/26/2024: Monstera Care Unveiled 

06/29/2024: Living Succulent Birdhouse 

06/29/2024: Foodscape Harmony: Embracing Natives and Edibles with Brie Arthur (virtual class) 

06/29/2024: Tropical Food Plants: Fruit 

07/08/2024: Monday Tai Chi at the Garden: July-August (6-week course)* 

07/09/2024: Garden Salutations Gentle Yoga: July-August (6-week course)* 

07/09/2024: Tuesday Tai Chi at the Garden: July-August (6-week course)*

07/09/2024: Basic Floral Design, Part 1 (5-week course) 

07/10/2024: Victorian Splendor, 2:30 pm

07/10/2024: Victorian Splendor, 5:30 pm

07/10/2024: Vinyasa Flow in the Garden: July (3-week course)* 

07/12/2024: Butterfly Pinning 101 

07/13/2024: Beginner to Advanced Beekeepers: Sharpening Your Skills for Better Results 

07/13/2024: Nature Journaling: Observing Native Bees of Virginia (2-week course) 

07/13/2024: Pressed Flower Art: History, Pressing and Card-Making

07/16/2024: Vine to Glass: Wines of Swartland, South Africa 

07/17/2024: The Art and Science of Painting Birds (2-week virtual course) 

07/20/2024: Aquatic Plant Care Basics 

07/20/2024: Container Gardening in Small Spaces (Learning for All) 

07/25/2024: Flourish: A Tropical Extravaganza Tour 

07/25/2024: Exploring Virginia-Grown Flowers with River City Flower Exchange (off-site class) 

07/27/2024: Plant it Now: Fall Vegetable Gardening 

07/31/2024: Flourish: Edibles in the Childrens Garden Tour 

08/03/2024: Meditative Botanical Doodles & Drawings (Learning for All) 

08/03/2024: Tropical Food Plants: Coconuts

08/06/2024: Grasses, Sedges and Rushes (2-day course)

08/07/2024: Vinyasa Flow in the Garden: August (4-week course)* 

08/09/2024: Colorful Kokedama & Fun with Moss

08/10/2024: Meditative Botanical Doodles & Drawings (Learning for All) 

08/10/2024: Living Succulent Wine Bottle

08/10/2024: Introduction to Hydroponics 

08/13/2024: Basic Floral Design, Part II (5-week course) 

08/14/2024: 40th Anniversary Speaker Series: Botanic Gardens: Seizing the Moment While Imagining the Future

08/15/2024: Tea: 5,000 Years of History at Queen’s Library Tea Room (off-site class)

08/16/2024: Maker Night: Nature-Inspired Polymer Clay Earrings 

08/17/2024: Gardening for Birds 

08/17/2024: The Secret Life of Insects 

08/17/2024: From the Earth Paint Making with Artist in Residence, Kyle Epps

08/19/2024: Monday Tai Chi at the Garden: August-September (6-week course)* 

08/20/2024: Garden Salutations Gentle Yoga: August-September (6-week course)* 

08/20/2024: Tuesday Tai Chi at the Garden: August-September (5-week course)* 

08/21/2024: Creating a Backyard Wildlife Habitat (3-week course) 

08/22/2024: Flourish: A Tropical Extravaganza Tour 

08/24/2024: Bilingual Yoga / Yoga Bilingüe (Learning for All) 

08/24/2024: Mushroom Cultivation

08/27/2024: Garden to Glass: Exotic Cocktails of the Spice Trade 

09/04/2024: Vinyasa Flow in the Garden: September (3-week course)*

09/07/2024: Native Plant ID for Beginners 

09/07/2024: Editing Photos with Adobe Lightroom Classic (2-week course) 

09/14/2024: Plant Diversity for Landscape Design

*Courses denoted by an asterisk are multi-session courses that permit registration after the first session has occurred; our system will automatically pro-rate your fee to cover remaining sessions for these courses.   

Classes denoted by (Learning for All) are Learning for All opportunities. These classes offer several pricing tiers to enable you to register at the amount you’re able to pay. Through this series, we hope to make learning opportunities at the Garden more accessible to all who wish to grow through continuous education.

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