Garden Style Guide

To help you with your story or article, we’ve complied a short Garden Style Guide. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is the correct name; not “the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden” or “Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.” Not “Ginter Park” or “The Ginter.” The Garden is not a park.
Dominion GardenFest of Lights is the correct name. Please do not use “Festival of Lights.” On first reference, Dominion must be included; they are the title sponsor. Subsequent references can be GardenFest of Lights or GardenFest.

Please refer to the following events in writing in this way:
Butterflies LIVE!
CarMax Free Fourth of July
Rose Fest

Named buildings and gardens are referred to by their full name in the following way (below) upon first reference:
Robins Visitors Center
Kelly Education Center

  • Massey Conference Center
  • Gillette Education Center
  • Robins Library
  • Luck Garden

Cochrane Rose Garden
Robins Tea House
West Island Garden
Flagler Garden

  • Robertson Pavilion

Grace Arents Garden
Bloemendaal House (pronounced blue-men-doll)
CWDKids Tree House
Minor Garden
Streb Conifer Garden
Anderson Wildflower Meadow
Massey Greenhouses
Sydnor Lake