Dominion Energy GardenFest of Lights Facts

2021-2022 GardenFest by the Numbers

More than a million lights decorate the 50-acre property
57+: miles of light strands (not including light forms)
13,496: number of strands in inventory (not including light forms)
674,800: number of LEDs (not including light forms)
48: new or rewrapped forms
300: number of lighted forms in the display (all wrapped by volunteers)
20,000+: child-proof outlet protectors used at the end of lights strands to keep moisture out
56: number of trees wrapped by arborists
16,000: number of lights on the Darlington Oak Tree
24: Man-hours to wrap the Darlington Oak Tree
10,000: number of lights on the peacock form
10,000: lights on the quilt form
2 months: how long it takes to install the lights (and 6+ months of prep work)
10: number of staff working 20 – 60 hours a week on GardenFest (Oct. 1 – Thanksgiving)
300: number of volunteers helping prepare for GardenFest
7,677: hours worked by volunteers (volunteering twice a week year-round + during the show)
46: number of nights Dominion Energy GardenFest of Lights is open to the public (Nov. 22, 2021-Jan. 9, 2022)
2 GardenFest for Fidos Nights when leashed dogs are allowed (Dec. 2, 2021; Jan. 6, 2022)
75,678: Number of people who purchased tickets in 2020-2021
240: number of children who helped decorate the trees in the Kelly Education Center hallway.

Dominion GardenFest of Lights, Image by Don Williamson
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