The Art of Play Featured Artists


 MARCH 29, 2019 –SEPTEMBER 30, 2019
9 A.M. – 5 P.M.


The Art of Play promises moments of joy, whimsy and enchantment as Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden comes alive with art that explores how playful interactions can create connection and conversation. Meet the artists behind the sculptures.

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Chicho Lorenzo

Chicho Lorenzo, originally from Madrid, Spain, has lived in Charlottesville, Va. for the last 12 years, filling the city’s walls with bright colors, and bringing the community together in his art. He’s also an educator and always looking for mutual inspiration, having coordinated many murals with elementary schools and children all around. His work reflects the joy of life and talks about love and music and fantasy that becomes reality once we remember how to dream.

He helped create the IX Art Park for two years, with a Dream BIG mural, and many other works including the Love sign, Mas Tapas, restaurant, The Southern, Schools of Walker, Venable, Crozet E, Johnson, Sultan Kebab, Potter’s Cider and others in Charlottesville, Waynesboro, Dallas , Tx. and in Spain.


Mickael Broth

Mickael Broth, also known as The Night Owl, is a Richmond-based artist, muralist, and writer. Mickael moved to Richmond in 2001 and was a graffiti artist. Since that time, he has gone on to pursue an active (and legal) career in the arts. He was awarded a Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Professional Fellowship for his gallery work and has shown widely in the United States. Locally, you can view his 15-foot welded aluminum sculpture at Hull Street Library. Mickael has been an active member of the community, working with youth groups, as well as leading volunteer groups in the creation of collaborative public art projects. Mickael has published two books Gated Community: Graffiti and Incarceration, a memoir detailing his experiences with vandalism and jail and more recently Murals of Richmond.

Keith M. Ramsey

Keith Ramsey’s work uses artistic experimentation and a range of materials to make a connection with his audience. The sculptures created FOUNDPUNK studio have been inspired by the work of Melvin Edwards, Martin Puryear, and others. Concept and design formation is focused on the movement of objects encircling each other within a single piece, the use of negative space adding to the composition and the exploration of balance and instability to convey the sense of motion. The subject matter Keith explores as sculptural works often include thoughts in a political context, messages from social ideology, approaches to design and experimentation or personal expression through astrological and natural themes. The work is created with the use of machine parts, random and interesting metal, antique or weathered wood and other, miscellaneous found objects that serve the purpose of a specific message being communicated or a design being explored. Keith’s objective is to create art with the intent of reaching an expanding audience seeking new perspectives. Keith is a professional artist living and working in Richmond, Va.

Matthew Leavell

Matthew Leavell is a Mobjack, Va-based sculptor known for his whimsical and vibrant metal creations. He has exhibited his work at over 100 shows, competitions, and exhibits in 14 states, and his sculptures are installed at both public and private venues nationwide.

Matthew’s work is often created using recycled, salvaged, and upcycled raw materials that bring their own unique history and character to the piece. He sees an abandoned or discarded piece of rusted steel as a literal representation of a broken life, or of an abandoned dream, project, or relationship. Salvaging such materials and through inspiration, creativity, and persistence creating an entirely new and beautiful work of art, is not only a personally fulfilling process but one that stands as an analogy of the nature of life in general

Nico Cathcart

Nico Cathcart is a painter and muralist hailing from Toronto, Ontario, who strives to discuss Feminism, Minority Empowerment, and Conservation in her highly-colorful works. She currently lives in Richmond. Nico’s work has been shown in many galleries and museums throughout the continent, including the MASS MOCA, Gallery 5, Glave Kocen, 1975 gallery in Rochester NY, La Bodega Gallery in San Diego, District Local Gallery in Vancouver, and private and corporate collections. She holds a dual BFA in Painting and Ceramics. She is an active muralist, with work in the RVA Street Art Festival, Wall Therapy, Spirit Walls, and the Richmond Tattoo and Arts Festival. Nico most recently co-curated the exhibition Fresh Paint: Murals inspired by the story of Virginia, on display through April 26, 2019, at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture.  When she is not painting, you can find her volunteering at Art on Wheels, Connor’s Heroes, FetchaCure, and the YWCA.

J-P. Müller

J-P. Müller is an artist, engineer, and fabricator trained in artistic industrial design, construction and custom fabrication. Originally trained in Switzerland, and as the owner of OEC Engineering, which creates large scale public realm installations and creative design solutions, JP is not only a visionary artist but also a creative fabricator and installer that melds the details of aesthetic excellence with beauty and the engagement of the human spirit. JP has had recent gallery exhibitions at Creative Caldron and the FCA Central Gallery in Falls Church and continues to develop his creative expression through the exploration of different mediums of sculpture.