Wild Art Creation Stations

Creation Stations

Located in several spots throughout the Garden, Creation Stations allow visitors to become a part of the exhibition, providing an opportunity for everyone to explore their wild side.

Mandalas:  Lace House Lawn adjacent to Historic Bloemendaal House

Mandalas are one of humankind’s most ancient art forms. From the Sanskrit word loosely translated as “circle”, the geometric patterns radiating from a center point mimic the repetition of circles found in nature: the sun, planets, birds nests, and even circles of friends and families with in a community.  Create your mandala with pine cones, sweet gum balls, bur acorns, stones and shells.

Rock Cairns: Flagler near Monet Bridge

A cairn is a human-made stack of stones, historically built as a memorial or landmark. As you focus your attention on stacking rocks next to the babbling creek, notice the calming effect it has on you; some people balance rocks as a form of meditation.

Gnome Homes: Children’s Garden at  Woodland Pointe

All creatures need shelter. Use these natural materials to become an architect for a day: build a beautiful space for your favorite garden dweller.  Toad abodes, fairy houses, and gnome homes are just the tip of the iceberg!

Ephemeral art at our Creation Stations is fleeting — so snap a photo of it as a keepsake, and tag your photo #MyWildArt to enter our Instagram Contest! 

Creation Stations mandala by Phuong Tran