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Butterflies LIVE!

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Experience the wonderful world of butterflies! M&T Bank Butterflies LIVE! is an indoor exhibit in the Conservatory and is geared for all ages. Get up close and personal as hundreds of tropical butterflies feed, flutter and take flight all around you. Explore their origins, preferred habitats, and life cycles. Runs Opening date pending – Monday, October 12, 2020.

Tickets to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden also include admission to Wind, Waves and Light: Art in Motion by George Sherwood, Opening date pending – Oct. 18, 2020.


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Monday, October 12, 2020
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Experience the wonderful world of butterflies! Tropical and native beauties, fascinating and showy, transform the Conservatory’s North Wing into a wonderland of vibrant colors…captivating sights…and extraordinary discoveries. Every butterfly is different, as is every visit! Please note: In order to allow visitors time to view the exhibit before we close at 5 p.m., the last group of visitors will be admitted into Butterflies LIVE! at 4:45 p.m. 

Top 5 Things to Know Before You Visit

  1. Butterflies LIVE! is an exhibit inside the North Wing of the Conservatory and is geared for all ages. The environment is warm and humid.
  2. Butterflies tend to be most active on clear, sunny days. On cloudy days, they tend to roost, which can be good for taking close-up photos. You may want to plan your visit accordingly.
  3. Large bags are discouraged in the exhibit. Since many of the butterflies are tropical species, they must remain in the exhibit. At the same time, butterflies like to hitchhike! For that reason, large objects such as backpacks, oversized totes and pocketbooks are discouraged inside the exhibit. There is a place to leave belongings inside the staffed entry, however, the Garden is not responsible for them. For the same reason, strollers are discouraged inside the exhibit. There is a place to park strollers in front of the Conservatory. Wheelchairs are permitted.
  4. Meet the butterflies! We’ll feature butterfly releases at 10 a.m. daily (10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturdays). Look for information on our newest flying friends as you enter the exhibit. We’ll highlight which butterflies are new to the exhibit, their country of origin, their photo and other neat facts.
  5. Check out special displays inside the exhibit, including the Butterfly Nursery where you can view different stages of the butterfly lifecycle and also interesting moths.

white and blue butterfly, photo by Don Williamson The Reason Behind Butterflies LIVE!  Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is a non-profit garden. Our mission is education and our passion is bringing people and plants together to improve communities. Butterflies LIVE! shows the interdependence of people, plants and insects and encourages all to care for nature.

Join us for fun family activities in the Children’s Garden where you can learn how to do the bee dance and participate in our Butterflies LIVE! KidQuest. Pick up a copy in the Conservatory, or download and print your own KidQuest (PDF).

Fun at Butterflies LIVE!