Kids Learning

There’s no fear of missing out if you’re not on social media or if you missed our original broadcast! Here are some of our recent kids learning videos and kid’s activities. Enjoy!

Kid’s Activities & Learning with Children’s Garden Educators:

Virtual Story Time

Enjoy story time with Children’s Educator Tarneshia Evans on Fridays at 10 a.m. on Facebook Live. Our next story is The Busy Tree by Jennifer Ward. Here are some resources:

The Busy Tree Story Time Resources (PDF)

Busy Tree Curriculum Guide (PDF)

Ancient Tree Spotter Sheet (PDF)

Let’s Learn About Trees Coloring Book (PDF)

Stick & Stone Story Time

Stick & Stone Resources (PDF)

Stick & Stone Activity Kit (PDF)

Stick Activities for Families

Did you know that a stick is the number one open-ended toy? Guess what, it is! Sticks are very much a part of children’s play. It is truly inspiring to observe how children approach and use sticks in different ways.  Before you watch our video, you might want to go on a Twig Hunt (PDF)! Your kids are probably creative and have thought of all manner of things to do with them, but if not, here are 20 more things to do with sticks (PDF).
Want to learn more about how you can incorporate loose parts like sticks into learning? See our Loose Parts Resources (PDF).

Nature’s Treasures

There are many hidden treasures in the outdoors and each one has a special place in nature. Remember when you’re outdoors to take time and observe because most of the time these items are overlooked and not noticed. Children’s Educator Tarneshia Evans shares a resource sheet about exploring nature’s treasures and how you can reuse egg cartons to make a treasure chest.

Exploring Spring with Your Family

Spring is full of surprises; every day is different! Children’s Educator Tarneshia Evans shares a fun activity for kids: making a “nest” out of a paper bag. Learn more resources for exploring spring with your family, including experienced a blossom shower and going on a flower hunt.

Bird Watching with Kids

Tarneshia shares more about activities related to birds (below) and you can check out the related blog post about bird watching with kids for more great resources.

Explore the Forest

Learn how to make your own nature box, use animal puppets and animal tracks to bring the forest alive for your children.  Still want to learn more? See our Forest Story Time Resources (PDF), join in on a Wild Relay Race and search for animal homes with this ID Sheet (PDF)


Learn more about spring vegetable gardening in the Kroger Community Kitchen Garden with Senior Horticulturist Laurel Matthew. She even includes great planting tips!