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Alfonso Perez Acosta

Alfonso Pérez Acosta
is an independent Colombian artist living and working in Richmond, Virginia. With a formation in Fine Arts and a Master’s in Education, he intersects art and education through multimedia languages in a variety of community-based projects, with a special interest in contemporary drawing and healing practices. Most relevant works include the “Together We Rise” mural for the Mending Walls project, a book of the Portraits of Immigrant Voices drawing series, and the creation and development of Casa Lápiz Art Program at the Sacred Heart Center between 2017-2022. Recent projects involve the “Sana Que Sana” individual exhibit at the VCU Health Gateway Gallery and the “Settling Tables” project at the VMHC in celebration of Immigrant Heritage Month 2023.
Alfonso Pérez Acosta es un artista colombiano independiente que vive y trabaja en Richmond, Virginia. Con una formación en Bellas Artes y una Maestría en Educación, su trabajo intersecta arte y educación a través de lenguajes multi-mediáticos en una variedad de proyectos comunitarios, con un interés especial por las prácticas sanación y el dibujo contemporáneo. Entre sus trabajos más relevantes se encuentra el mural “Together We Rise” para el proyecto Mending Walls, el libro “Portraits of Immigrant Voices” con una serie de historias y retratos, y la creación del programa de arte Casa Lápiz, desarrollado entre 2017 y 2022 en el Centro Sagrado Corazón. Entre sus proyectos mas recientes se encuentra la exposición individual “Sana que sana” en la Galería Gateway de VCU Health y el proyecto “Settling Tables”en el VMHC para la celebración del Mes de la Herencia Inmigrante 2023.

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Thursday, August 3, 2023
Monday, October 30, 2023
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Healing Circles is a series of six MANDALAS that represent alternative healing practices. Through large format and beautiful patterns, the artist shares these practices to allow the spectator to reflect on a variety of introspective, and empathetic approaches to one’s healing journey—creating a connection from within and with others.

“Drawing is my home. It is messy and crazy sometimes, but above all it is a place where I feel both safe and strong, with a warm environment to explore technical operations and welcome expressive paths that involve physical and digital formats, pencils, inks, watercolors, spray cans and a variety of mark-making materials that bring to life an authentic creative ecosystem.
Art is my voice. It is a creative language that holds playful and powerful mediums to communicate with the world around me. At times it comes with a thick accent (difficult to understand) but I rely on lines, scribbles and doodles to say things in a particular way and serve as a bridge between languages, communities and cultures with an empathetic awareness.
Creativity is my offering. It is the work that I understand best to contribute in the ever-changing development of our ideas, our environments and ourselves. Through portraits, landscapes or healing installations, I put my trust in others and hope to build some trust
around them, working constantly to unfold an inclusive experience and a mindful presence together.”

-Alfonso Perez Acosta

For more information or commission art IG @adrawingtable [email protected]

On display in the Kelly Education Center Community Art Gallery from August 3 – October 30, 2023.