Food and Drink

Enjoy delicious food provided by the Garden’s caterer, Meriwether-Godsey, while participating in demonstrations on cooking, mixology, healthy eating, and more.  Lunchtime Lectures include a light lunch.  Garden to Glass Evening Demonstrations include beverage samples and food pairings.

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Class Schedule
December 2018-April 2019

Garden to Glass Demonstrations

Healthier Cocktails | January 31

In the season of New Year’s resolutions, learn how to incorporate healthier craft cocktails into your mixed drink repertoire with “good for your gut” fermented mixers like shrubs and kombucha along with some lower-calorie favorites.

Drink Your Dessert | February 21

Bring your sweetheart and your sweet tooth to a class devoted to decadent dessert cocktails, proving that sometimes the best desserts don’t require a fork or spoon. Learn to create delicious cocktails that will be the perfect grand finale for your winter parties or a cozy evening at home.

Fortified Wine Cocktails | March 21

Sherry, port and Madeira shouldn’t gather dust in your cabinet, used only for that splash of flavor in your favorite soups or sauces; these fortified wines (wines combined with a distilled spirit) are ingredients in some of the most delicious and trendy craft cocktails. Learn to incorporate these Mediterranean favorites into some phenomenal craft cocktails while enjoying some regional nibbles.

Lunchtime Lectures: Tips from Chef Anne

Seafood with Chef Anne | February 6

Executive Chef Anne Maury Haapala helps take the fear out of cooking fresh fish and seafood by providing tips on selection, proper cooking techniques, and creating the perfect sauce to enhance your dish.

More Soups and Stews with Chef Anne | March 27

Learn the best methods for classic soups and stews with Executive Chef Anne Maury Haapala as she demonstrates three different staples and options for easy variations depending on what you have at hand. Anne will also showcase some easy “soup sides” that can help transform your soup night into a special event.

Culinary Evenings with Chef Anne

Bites Around the World: Italy | January 22

Escape to the Mediterranean on a cold winter evening with Executive Chef Anne Maury Haapala as she demonstrates how home chefs can easily create Italian favorites to delight friends and family. Learn to expand your Italian dishes beyond pasta with store-bought sauce by learning to create multiple sauces from one simple base, while incorporating delicious, fresh, Italian ingredients into your repertoire.

Bites Around the World: Germany | March 5

More than sauerkraut and sausages, German cooking encompasses delectable aromas, delicious flavors and Gemütlichkeit (warmth, coziness and cheer). Learn about the delights of classic German cuisine with Executive Chef Anne Maury Haapala as she demonstrates how home chefs can create regional favorites at home, like from-scratch spaetzle, beef rouladen and more.

Stems and Spirits | April 9

Create your own craft cocktail and whimsical floral arrangement in this hands-on class. Begin by enhancing your cocktail-making skills with a step-by-step cocktail creation led by Catering Manager Ashley Greene. Then, enjoy your cocktail and some light snacks while making a natural, spring-inspired, fresh-from-the-garden floral arrangement with Laura Flournoy of Flowernoy Farm.


The spring/summer 2019 season of classes will publish on April 3, 2019.

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