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Classes are offered in-person, as synchronous (live) online programs, or using hybrid methods with both in-person and virtual content.  Class delivery methods are denoted next to each listing as VIRTUAL, IN-PERSON, or HYBRID.  Please note Covid-19 related requirements for in-person classes.  All guidelines are subject to change.

Class Schedule January-April 2023

Vine to Glass Series

Fee includes complimentary wine glass and wine samples. In traditional wine-pairing style, each wine accompanied by an expertly paired hors d’ oeuvres bite.

Dolce V(it)A, Dessert wines that change minds | January 17 IN-PERSON

Before Rosé finally entered the household lexicon, pink wines were treated as second-glass citizens. Dessert wines have long suffered a similar fate. Around the world – and certainly In Virginia – however, world-class sweets abound. Crafted from a range of styles: cold fermentation, late-harvest, raisination, chaptalization, etc., the best local “stickies” beguile beyond their richness and dessert-ability. Join us for a spate of sweets that might just change your mind about what the sweet life is all about.  Instructor: Jason Tesauro

Up and Coming Virginia Varietals | March 28 IN-PERSON

With 40+ years of modern evolution under its belt, Virginia Wine knows its anchors. Viognier, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and Bordeaux-inspired red blends are once-and-future stalwarts that define the Commonwealth. Nevertheless, with each passing vintage, winegrowers experiment, cultivate, and discover new varietals well-suited to Virginia’s soils and styles. Join us for a tasting as we ask, “Which ones are one-off curiosities, and which are destined for perpetual greatness.”  Instructors: Jason Tesauro and Annette Ringwood Boyd

Lunchtime Lectures

Enjoy talks by foodie, herb and tea expert Mark Ragland, followed by a delicious buffet luncheon related to the topic.

Tea Time Traditions | January 19 IN-PERSON

The love of tea has greatly affected history around the world. As different cultures embraced its delicious flavor they created traditions to enjoy it. While learning about this amazing plant, we will explore worldwide tea traditions and the tea flavors that inspired them.

Exotic and Decadent Chocolate and Vanilla | February 22 IN-PERSON

Continue the Valentine’s Day celebration with plant expert and foodie Mark Ragland as he explores the exciting and exotic history of chocolate and vanilla. Learn about the plants behind these delicious and decadent ingredients as well as how to incorporate them into delectable savory and sweet treats.

Garden to Glass Cocktail Series

Join local mixologist Beth Dixon as she demonstrates three original, delicious craft cocktails. Sip samples of each cocktail as you enjoy expertly paired small plates. Fees include demonstration, cocktail samples and food pairings.

Cocktails You’ll Fall In Love With | January 31 IN-PERSON

Inspired by the theme Love, the Garden, local mixologist Beth Dixon demonstrates how to create three delicious love-themed craft cocktails. Bring a special someone and join Beth as she brings the garden to your glass with Bitter Hearts Know Better, Between the Sheets cocktail and a Very Sexy Martini.

Tropical Staycation at Lewis Ginter | March 7 IN-PERSON

Join local Mixologist Beth Dixon, proprietor of Salt and Acid Beverage Consulting for a taste of the tropics in Virginia. Beth perfected her tropical cocktail skills as the Bar Manager at Perch, Mike Ledesma’s now shuttered Pacific Rim inspired restaurant. Learn how to create your own Hawaiian-inspired drinks with Beth as she demonstrates how to make her craft fruit, herb and spice-infused versions of a Jungle Bird, Mai Tai and Painkiller.

Herbaceous Cocktails | April 18 IN-PERSON

Join local mixologist Beth Dixon, owner of Salt and Acid Beverage Consulting, as she demonstrates how to masterfully combine garden fresh herbs and spirits into three delicious craft cocktails. She’ll highlight seasonal flavors in a Lavender Paloma, a Charleston Fizz with elderflower and tarragon, and a Basil Martini.

Plants, Cuisine and Culture Webinar Series VIRTUAL

Plants are intimately linked to our cultural identities and food traditions. Plants tell us where we are, and who we are in how we use them to feed ourselves. When we migrate, we carry our culture and cuisine with us. In this series, renowned chefs, culinary historians, and authors from cultures around the world discuss how plants shaped their foodways.

Native American Cuisine with Sean Sherman | January 24

Hawaiian Cuisine with Sheldon Simeon | March 21

Indian Cuisine with Simon Majumdar | May 8

African American Cuisine with Toni Tipton-Martin | July 25

One Native Chefs Journey to Cultural Culinary Discovery and Understanding | February 26

Join Chef Joe Rocchi as he discusses how his passion to discover a buried history of native culinary traditions brought him to a life changing journey of learning, understanding, and sharing the immense beauty, contributions, and sometimes dark history of the cuisines native to the Americas.

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