For the safety and enjoyment of our guests:

  • Outside food may not be brought into the Garden.  Food and beverage are available for purchase in the Garden’s dining facilities, as well as vending machines located in the Children’s Garden.
  • We are unable to accommodate group meetings in the Garden Café.  To rent a meeting space, please contact [email protected] or call (804) 262-9887, x224 or x345.
  • Pets are permitted only on specially advertised Fido’s Nights.  Service animals are permitted at all times. Please read our rules and guidelines for visiting Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden with dogs.
  • Please refrain from the following activities:
    • Stepping in the planting beds
    • Collecting live plants, seeds, flowers, fruits or vegetables
    • Feeding the geese and other wildlife
    • Smoking indoors, in designated fresh air intake areas, or in the Children’s Garden
  • The use of drones is not allowed in the Garden.

Please keep the following items at home:

  • Tricycles, bicycles, skateboards, and hoverboards (we have bike racks outside the Visitor Center)
  • Footballs, frisbees, kites, and other sporting items
  • Fireworks, firearms, alcohol, and glass containers

For artists and photographers:

  • Professional portraits require a reservation and fee through the Facility Rental Office.
  • Please bring your own seat and supplies.
  • Please do not leave your equipment unattended, as the Garden is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Please note that certain venues may be unavailable due to previously scheduled events or routine maintenance.
  • Please do not block main paths, set up within garden beds, or disturb the plant collections.
  • If you choose to work in the Conservatory, please use a drop-cloth.