Mar 11th, 2011

Can This Orchid Be Saved?

by Janet Woody, Librarian, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

My Sad Orchid

My Sad Orchid

The March monthly library program,  Outdoors Inside, will be devoted to orchids.  You may have heard we are having “Orchids Galore!” in the Conservatory starting tomorrow and running through April 10.  We are offering many orchid-related programs during this time period and we in the library like to do our part for the cause.  You may have seen our program advertised as “Living with Orchids”, which seems rather dull now that I’ve had time to develop the program.  “Orchids for Dummies” would be an excellent program name, but the book publishers might not like that.  So it will be “Can This Orchid Be Saved?” Join us on March 17, at 2 p.m., in the Lora M. Robins Library for some lively discussion.  Home orchid grower, Carol Colby, will attempt to teach us the basics of orchid care, including the proper re-potting of a sad little orchid I have in my home.  It was given to me some months ago. I’ve watered it on an almost regular schedule, but I am sure I’m not doing all I could for this plant.   Carol will hopefully help me turn  my sad little orchid (I don’t even know its name) into a blooming beauty.

After we take care of my orchid, and talk about orchid selection and care, we will walk over to the Conservatory and view all of the lovely specimens on display. This program is aimed at orchid beginners, especially those intimidated by these exotic flowers.  And that includes me.  The program is free to members, and free with Garden admission.

About Janet Woody

I am the librarian at Lewis Ginter and like to talk and read about plants. I also enjoying researching Lewis Ginter and our founder Grace Arents. Visit me in the library and we'll talk about plants, or history, or some other fun topic.

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