Gardening and Garden Design Classes

Learn basic gardening skills, brush up rusty skills, or learn something new. Learn to design your home landscape and care for it.  Look for unique workshops, multiple-session classes, and inspiring lectures.

Classes are offered in-person, as synchronous (live) online programs, or using hybrid methods with both in-person and virtual content.  Class delivery methods are denoted next to each listing as VIRTUAL, IN-PERSON, or HYBRID.  Please note Covid-19 related requirements for in-person classes.  All guidelines are subject to change.

Class Schedule December 2022-April 2023


Plants and Spices for the Holidays | December 10 IN-PERSON

Why are holly, evergreens, poinsettias, and spices like cinnamon and ginger so tied to modern holiday traditions? Mark Ragland explores the mythology and botany of traditional holiday plants, including the ingredients of the seasonal favorite, fruitcake! He also includes Instructions and tips for the proper care of the most common holiday plants.

Winter Botany | January 23. 24 IN-PERSON

This course reveals all of the characteristics that woody plants leave behind during the winter months. Learn how to use this information to identify woody plants to the species level. The Winter Botany curriculum focuses on use of dichotomous keys and familiarizing attendees with the technical terminology surrounding identification of plants in winter.  Instructor: Doug DeBerry

Living Wreaths with Succulents | January 28 OR March 25 IN-PERSON

Create a unique living wreath for winter with Melissa Tebbenhoff of Rusted Rabbitt in Williamsburg. Using air plants and exotic succulents of your choice create a living work of art to perk up your winter. Melissa guides you through the process of designing your wreath with an assortment of live plants and dried flowers.

Soils Series

Learn about the life under your feet in this three-part series with instructor Karin Stretchko.

Soils, Part 1: Properties of Soil and Life in the Soil | February 11 IN-PERSON

Discuss the physical properties of soil, and explains that soil is far from inert, hosting a myriad of chemical and life processes.

Soils, Part 2: Organic Matter and Sustainable Gardening | March 11 IN-PERSON

Learn about organic matter in soil, including the process of decay, factors that affect organic matter content, how to manage it, and amendments to the soil.

Soils, Part 3: pH and Fertilization | April 8 IN-PERSON

Discover soil pH and the many factors affecting it within soil chemistry, plant nutrition, and the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium cycles, including how to read fertilizer labels.

Garden Through the Year with Peggy Singlemann Series

Join horticulturist and Virginia Home Grown host Peggy Singlemann at the Garden for information sessions on a variety of seasonal gardening topics. Peggy offers timely tips for your garden and all programs include a walk in the Garden with Peggy to illustrate examples.

Roses 101 | February 18

Learn about the types, history, and cultivation techniques for roses, including a focus on organic rose care.

Integrated Pest Management | June 3

Learn how to harness the inherent synergy of nature to keep garden pests at bay.

Summer Flowering Perennials | July 22

Just when the annuals are starting to wilt from the heat and humidity, perennials come to the rescue, perking up your summer garden with color and texture. And, in our mild climate, these summer performers offer interest well into our mild fall season.

Winter Interest in the Garden | November 4

In our long autumn season, plants don’t necessarily pack it in at the end of October. Learn about hardy plants that provide interest in the winter landscape, including small trees and shrubs with colorfully vibrant berries and bark.

Creating a Kitchen Garden | March 4 IN-PERSON

Mark Ragland helps you realize your kitchen garden in time for you to get your hands dirty and creative juices flowing for the spring thaw. Mark covers planning, preparation, and plant selection, with a trip to the Garden’s Kroger Community Kitchen Garden for inspiration.

Creating a Backyard Wildlife Habitat | March 8, 15, 22 IN-PERSON

Learn to incorporate native plants into your landscape, through site evaluation and how to place the right plant in the right place. Specific trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses and vines are discussed, along with how each plant interacts with nature and which wildlife they would support and attract. Learn how to identify invasive species growing on your property. Instructor: Beth Farmer

Beginning Organic Vegetable Gardening | March 18 IN-PERSON

Learn the basics of gardening the earth-friendly way! Michael Partusch, horticulturist for the Kroger Community Kitchen Garden, discusses how to ‘go green’ with your garden, including soil amendments, plant maintenance and pest control. Michael focuses on growing vegetables in our area, with an emphasis on heirloom varieties.

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