Jan 30th, 2015

Japanese Apricot Blooms Brings Anticipation of Spring

Photos and text by Jonah Holland, PR & Marketing Coordinator, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

The Japanese apricot (Prunus mume) is trying so hard to bloom. You’ll find it in several spots at the Garden — the front berm, near Hilliard Road, and around the new Cherry Tree Walk.  Speaking of which,  we are in a for a special treat very soon! The Cherry Tree Walk, planted last year, will bloom for the first time this year. We’ll be sure to keep you posted with bloom updates. Stay tuned.

Pink Japanese apricot bloom

Pink Japanese apricot bloom

Vibrant pink on the buds!

Vibrant pink on the buds!

singular Prunus Mume Bloom with buds

Prunus mume bloom just opening!

Prunus Mume Blooms

Here they come!


Jonah Holland is PR & Marketing Coordinator at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, specializing in social media. She's been known to go for a walk, and come back completely inspired to write a blog post on her newest found adventure.

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  • Julie Abbott

    Jonah, my Prunus mume is ready to pop and we are looking forward to it. Do keep us posted on other bloom times.

  • Oh Julie — I’d love to see yours too. Before I worked here, I’d never heard of Prunus mume and now I look for it each winter on the coldest days knowing that it means spring is JUST around the corner. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that, but blooms are a faithful reminder.